How do I have a source of passive income without doing ANYTHING?

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Lately, programs and apps that allow you to generate passive income by sharing your internet have become very common, which seems to me to be a great way to get some money without much effort.

I could mention several but today I will focus on a well-known one:



​This completely transparent application has been working since 2018 and is available for Android, IOs, macOS, Windows and Linux (Docker). It was created as a collaborative residential proxy network.

How Honeygain works? It's very simple, when you install the app or program our devices give you access to prestigious companies to access the global computer network without having to worry about location so basically "they see the world through your eyes" and the best is that they reward you for allowing that access with the commitment to protect your information and not allow or have access to the storage of your device, which makes it more secure and reliable.


It is very easy to download the app and leave it in use, you do not really have to do anything else except for its new task desk which you can access if you want to earn extra money but it is not necessary or obligatory to do so. Currently they pay when they reach the threshold of $20 and they do it through Paypal, a Coinbase wallet such as Airtm or Metamask in case of performing those extra tasks.

You can even disable the "use mobile data" option if you only want to share the internet using Wi-Fi to avoid consuming data.

If you access daily they offer you a jar of honey that just for opening it gives you points that are added to your income, the control panel is quite easy to interpret and very informative, it includes a bar and pie chart to see your daily earnings. There you can see your income in the Honegain Wallet or if you prefer to do extra tasks you access JumpTask Wallet.


In particular, I used it out of curiosity and I confirm that if you pay, I will withdraw them in BTC and I leave you the proof below.

Screenshot 2022-09-09 10.58.49 AM.png

In addition to the multiple benefits that I have already indicated, I will tell you a secret: Everyone who joins Honeygain using this link gets an initial gift of $5

I hope this information is useful to you and that, like me, you "take advantage" of the system where you can earn extra money without much effort, because let's be honest, who doesn't like to generate some kind of extra income without lifting a finger?