Transportation System over the Decades

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Through the evolution of man, transportation system have become a more intriguing factor of existence.

Transportation system have evolved through decades, and getting more better day after day.
The first people on earth were more familiar with horses but before horses came into the picture it was through trekking from one geographical location to another. During the time of the stone age it was clear that not everyone can actually afford an horse, so for those that can't afford they knew they had to trek in order to move from one place to another or better still pay those that make use of cart as their means of public transportation system.
So as usual, let's set some line straight and I guess not one person in the entire world whether literate or illiterate won't have an idea what transportation means. Sit back and enjoy the ride

What is Transportation

At its most basic, the term “transportation system” is used to refer to the equipment and logistics of transporting passengers and goods. It covers movement by all forms of transport, from cars and buses to boats, aircraft and even space travel. Transportation systems are employed in troop movement logistics and planning, as well as in running the local school bus service.


The purpose of a transportation system is to coordinate the movement of people, goods and vehicles in order to utilize routes most efficiently. When implemented, transportation systems seek to reduce transport costs and improve delivery times through effective timetabling and route management. Periodic re-evaluations and the development of alternative routes allow for timely changes to the transportation system in order to maintain efficiency.


A standard transportation system will usually feature multiple timetables designed to inform the user of where each vehicle in the fleet is expected to be at any given point in time. These timetables are developed alongside an array of route plans designed to coordinate vehicle movements in a way that prevents bottlenecks in any one location.


The main benefit of implementing a transportation system is delivery of goods and personnel to their destinations in a timely manner. This in turn increases the efficiency of vehicle use, as the same vehicle can be used for “multi-drop” jobs, such as bus services or home delivery networks, far more effectively when their routes are planned in advance rather than being generated “on the fly.”


Transportation systems are developed in a wide variety of sizes. Local transport networks spanning the bus network for a city and its suburbs are common, as are country-wide delivery networks for haulage firms. Airlines use international transportation systems to coordinate their flights. The larger the distance being covered, the more effective the use of vehicles when a transportation system is used. Source

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Transportation system has made it easier over the decades in the aspect of transporting both goods and humans too. The most faster and most convenient of all is Transportation by Air such as Airplane, Jets etc. No human will say I don't want to fly in an aeroplane. The type of significant tag with it in this part of the world shows that if you haven't flown yet, you are still not very comfortable.

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Most people fear Transportation by water because of the fear of been eaten by fish..hahaha. This is the most slower of transportation system though it is debatable because we now have speed boat and the likes of others but in the aspect of bulky goods, it is very slow compare to other modes.

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And lastly, Transportation by lands is the most common part to every individual and it is make use of daily. They include cars, train, motorcycle, tricycle, bicycles, trailers etc.

Over the decades

  1. Transportation started from trekking, but there is need to get to where you are going faster and also transport goods you have which brought about horses and Cart's. And mind you people still trek....hahaha (even me).
  2. Technology got involve with transportation system and brought about vehichles, tricycles and bicycles, smoke engine trains, choppers and aeroplane.
  3. Technology started improving on vehicles, tricycles and also trains which started bring about fast cars, bullet trains, power bikes etc.
  4. Improvement came on all the 3 types of transportation system that we have and it has never stop there.
  5. And the future of transportation system now base on technology, and mind you technology is the big thing.

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