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RE: Could Reddit Be Ready To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency?

in GEMS2 years ago

Definitely a good thing that more of these larger userbase sites are sparking up interest in using blockchain of some description. I think I read from you in a different post that curiosity needs to be sparked with this arena and ease of use. If people can earn without having to get a PhD in cryptonomics then they'll go to that platform IMO.


LOL @ having PHD I swear having had to read all the instructions and white papers during my time in crypto I should get a damn PHD for all that research! It’s true you need to take something they know and use it to bridge the gap!

First adoption blockchain are needed to turn effort into money and then use it to recycle into an economy of its own!

I don’t know if this reddit will do this or how it will be implemented but I do know a large portion of reddit users don’t know or care about crypto and can now be exposed to it, a few of them will see what else is on offer from their first point of contact!

I wonder if I could create a course from the Bluffer's Guide and hand out BfG certificates instead 😁