The Philosophy of the day // The Conception of Truth

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Greetings friends followers of my blog, this time continuing in the essence of philosophy, I want to share the Conception of truth, in which you can contribute your idea, at a time that we can To say that it is the truth or what meaning it has for us individuals, there is also the one we can define in the following way is the coincidence between an affirmation and the facts of our reality to which said affirmation refers or the fidelity to an idea, the interesting thing that the search for truth is applied mathematical, statistical and logical methods, and each individual has his idea of ​​its truth, every day we live we find the arguments for the notion of truth, this has as a correspondence in what it is based on the inconsistency of a principle, in which at the same time it maintains an element that they formulate to the truth, where judgment and reality are linked. We must not forget, dear reader, that belief is a starting point for the impression of our senses to omit judgments.