A Moment in the Natural World # 8 // Furry Worms

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I greet back in another installment of photographic documentation we have the hairy worms, like big monsters of gardens and trees.


The singular thing about this very peculiar annilames is the following: all invertebrate animals with a soft body, elongated and without limbs, are already considered worms, although some have appendages or bristles called setae, where friend readers consider 3 main types of worms, flatworms , with a flat body; nematodes, with a round body, and annelids, with a segmented body. Many lack a well-developed respiratory or circulatory system.

I have always wondered what worms eat, well I share that worms eat bacteria and fungi from food scraps, they are not especially picky, in the case of hairy worms, Caterpillars are known by the common name of cat hairy, burner, whip, burner or nettle worm, Hylesia nigricans Genus: Hylesia Species: H. nigricans Cramer, 1775. Care must be taken to disclose information about the case of the stuffed caterpillar (Megalopyge opercularis), of the order Lepidoptera, it has many other names, it is just one of the most toxic caterpillars in North America. It is endemic to the southern United States and lives in the shade of trees and shrubs around houses.