Behind The Photo contest - Edition #7

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The Behind The Photo contest continues with Edition #7!

In the sixth edition, we saw many, many interesting stories and contestants, with a record of 30 valid entries! The stories told were great and so were the photos. If you haven't looked into any of the previous entries, go to the @behindthephoto blog, where we re-steem all valid entries. Unfortunately we also saw some excessive recycling of old content, so there are a couple of amendments to the rules, please make sure you take a look further down this post.

This has been posted in the GEMS community, which you can read about and join here. You don't have to post your entry there, it's not a rule for the contest, but we encourage you to do so, since our sponsor @appreciator (a co-founder of the GEMS community) will pay special attention to entries posted there.

For those of you who haven't read the background for this contest, here's a quick re-cap.

There's a lot of great photographers (both pro and amateur) on this platform. But sometimes we feel that we want to know what the story behind a particular photo was. The "why"-s and the "how"-s and the "when"-s and so on. We thought that the story behind could be just as interesting (if not more) than the actual photo itself. Also, being amateur photographers, we felt that it would be great to "pick the brains" of all the pros. To perhaps learn new techniques, tricks, planning, gear and everything else they know so much better.

That's how the idea of "Behind The Photo" was born. This contest is not about the photo itself, but about the process before or during the photo was taken. (If you decide to enter this contest, you can of course include the "final" photo if you want. :-) )

We would like you to share and document your journey towards the photo - with text and/or photo(s) or even video(s). We would like to know your thoughts, ideas, decision process and the story behind. For example:

  • Was it spontaneous, in the moment? Then show/tell us about why. What prompted you to take the photo?
  • Was it planned? Then show/tell us about your preparations.
  • Who or what were you going to photograph? For what? This contest, a magazine, for this platform?
  • When did you take the picture?
  • How did you take the picture?
    • Camera, tripod, lenses, filters, etc.
  • Did you have to travel to where you took it?
  • Did you have to wait for the right moment?
  • Where did you take the picture?
    • Was it during a vacation, or while walking to the supermarket?
    • Was it deep in a forest, waiting for animals to walk by, or with your dog in your backyard?
    • Was it outside in freezing snow and ice, or inside a warm and comfortable high-end studio?
  • Did you do any post-processing?
    • What software did you use? Filters, cropping, retouching, colours etc.

All of these are ideas which we think could help you make a good entry for the contest and we would like you to use as many of them as you can.

In the first edition, we made a "quick and dirty" example, just to show you what you could do. Or not. Because we are sure you can do better, that was just an example. The link to that and the first edition post is here.

If you want to check out previous editions' winners and their excellent entries, here are the links:

Edition #6
1st place @nelinoeva - Behind the Photo - Macro

@nelinoeva showed us some really cool tricks which are sure to help your photography when shooting macros!

2nd place pele23 - Tough hike in the Eifel - Behind The Photo edition 6

@pele23 told us about a really exhausting day when hiking in the woods of northern Germany last autumn.

3rd place @belkisa758 - Contest Behind the photo /Detrás de la Foto #Edition 6

And finally, @belkisa758 shared her story about a (quite chaotic) day at a market, trying to buy (and pay for) food.

As in the previous editions, the stories behind all the photos were above all interesting, go and check them out!

You can also check our previous edition winners' post which were no less fantastic:

As any other contest, we have rules:

  • One (1) entry per account.
  • Your entry can be in the form of writing, photos or even videos.
  • Text, video(s) and photo(s) must be your own. This will of course be checked, and any form of plagiarism will result in automatic disqualification of your entry and will be reported to steemcleaners.
  • Your entry must be in English. Feel free to use additional languages, but the translation must be equivalent to the English version.
  • You must use the tag #behindthephoto as one of the first five tags. (It doesn't have to be the first tag.) This way, we, other contestants and interested parties can find your entry easily.
  • The title of your entry must have the words "Behind The Photo" as a part of it.
  • Your entry must include a link to this post (for example at the very end of your entry).
  • If you want to do a collaboration with a friend (like the example we made) that is totally fine. Just don't tell the same story! Be nice and credit each other!
  • Re-steems of this post are not required, but would of course help, to let others know about the contest.
  • You do not have to post a link to your entry in a comment below, as we will be checking the tag.
  • We reserve the right to exclude any entry which we deem to be low-effort. I.e. one-picture entries with a couple of sentences, or a two-minute video will NOT cut it.
  • NO cross-posting of your own entry. Cross-posted entries will not be eligible for sponsored upvotes and/or prizes.
  • You are only allowed to re-use ONE photo which you have posted previously. If you use a photo you have posted before, your entry must otherwise contain completely new content. (Such as telling the story behind the photo you had posted before.)


This edition of the contest will be active from the moment THIS is posted, and will run for seven (7) days. For those of you using Steempeak's front end, we will add a countdown timer to this post.

Please be aware that late entries will not be considered. After the seven days, we will take a couple of days to decide and announce the winners. Only entries posted after this post and before the 7-day deadline will be valid entries.


1st place: 50 STEEM, 10k SPACO, 2250 PHOTO
2nd place: 30 STEEM, 6k SPACO, 1350 PHOTO
3rd place: 20 STEEM, 4k SPACO, 900 PHOTO

Apart from the prize pool, with a STEEM total of 100(!), there is a possibility that our sponsor @appreciator will upvote some of the good entries. Any such sponsored upvotes are completely at @appreciator's discretion.

Jury: @nelyp and @johan.norberg

Sponsorship: We sincerely thank @appreciator for sponsoring this contest!

So, get creative, tell all your friends, post a link in your discord servers, spread the word and share this contest in any way you think is appropriate. We have created a STEEM account specifically for this contest, so if you like the contest and want to be notified in your feed, you can give @behindthephoto a follow as well. @behindthephoto will re-steem all valid entries, so it's an easy way of following the contest and to find all the entries.

We look forward to your entry! Good luck!


Thank you very much for the prize and the recognition, I will do my best with another entry!

Thanks to you!!!



Great contest! Ive got some randomness to share in my next post with some interesting pictures. Will give it a try...

Great! Looking forward to reading it :)

It will be very fun, maybe I can also follow it, even everyone here

It is fun, you should give it a try!

Yeah, I will try :)

Holaaa!!! Felicidades a los ganadores, muy merecido el honor. Suerte para todos.

Hi! I will give it a try this week :)

Yayyyyyy!!! =)

An excellent contest and congratulation to all winners

Have some $trdo simply for being awesome @Nelyp 🤗

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Oh, thank youuuuu!!! =)

It is really great contest i love to participate in this

Thank you @yousafharoonkhan, looking forward to your post.

Congratulations to the winners, especially to my friend @belkisa758 for her excellent entry. A fabulous contest, I'm looking forward to this edition again. Thanks @nelyp for the opportunity, to prepare my entry.

Happy to participate in this excellent activity.

Hi @nelyp I've been looking at the rules trying to understand but can I upload my post from Steemit?as I see many do from SteemPeak?

I'm going to do mine, as far as I thought I understood, anything you'll correct me he he, I like photography I love it.

Hi @zhanavic69. Yes, you can use

I really like the second photo of pele, it looks like a great balance of humor and the beauty in landscape

Agreed. Thanks for stopping by :)

Congratulations @nelyp!
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Behind the photo is a cool theme/idea and I just came across it.

Thank you!!

@nelinoeva, its a pure pleasure to watch your capture. sincere congratulations, for doing a great art of photo and getting to the top!

Thank you very much for your kind commment!

Hey @nelyp, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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Felicitaciones @nelinoeva, @pele23 y @belkisa758 buenas publicaciones, excelente reto @nelyp la fotografía es todo un arte que muchos queremos aprender.

Felicitaciones @nelinoeva, @pele23 y @belkisa758 buenas publicaciones excelente reto @nelyp la fotografía es todo un arte que muchos queremos aprender.

Thank you!

Muchas gracias, linda :)

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, me uno en esta nueva edición. Thank you @nelyp @johan.norberg y @appreciator

Thanks to you!

Sounds awesome. I have some interesting stories that go with some of my recent photos.

Hi @nelyp, thank you for running this contest! I am a little confused about the communities and tags. I wrote a new post using "Gems" in Steampeak should I still use gems as a tag? And what about hive-148441 should that be added? Thank you!

Hi @oldmans, thanks to you for the comment!

No, you don't need to use the tag, just click top left before posting and select that community (GEMS), that's it.

You have to joing againg as there is a new communiy, and the new one is hive-148441 (GEMS). You can leave/unsubscribe the old one (Old_Gems - hive-142175).

Thank you for the quick response @nelyp and the info. I just joined gems a couple days ago and it says the owner is hive-148441 so I think I am good. :) Thanks again!

Thanks! 😀

Magnificent opportunity that presents itself to me, and tomorrow, God willing, I will make my entrance. Congratulations to @nelyp and @AppreaciatoR, for this very good and beautiful initiative.

Both are good and beautiful people! God bless them.

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Thank you, friend @nelyp for this nice opportunity. We will see soon

Hi, @nelyp

Today I published my participation in this contest. I hope you find it easily. Otherwise, please have here the link.

@nelyp Hello, it seems like a great contest, I think I will participate today, seeing that I still have time to include my publication!
Thanks for sharing

Vaya! creo que ya expira el tiempo para participar... Espero la #8 edición para unirme encantada.. Soy una aficionada a la fotografía...

Mucho gracias por la invitación. Creo que logré llegar a tiempo.

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