The Structure of The Computer.

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Hello friends how are you all?
Hope everybody is doing well. Today I came with a beautiful block of mine. You all know I am a student of computer technology. I did computer engineering. So today I will give you a blog about computer.


Today I will tell you how to build a computer:

Two main parts are needed to make a complete computer.

(1) Hardware
(2) Software.


Software is the lifeblood of a computer. The vitality required to operate a computer is called software or computer app. People don't have hands, feet, ears, head, etc. - they have to have life force. Similarly, computers do not work only with hardware. If you want to run it, first you need software. Hardware can be seen with the naked eye but software cannot be seen. Everything is done with this software.. The software used in the computer is roughly divided into three parts.

(A) System software
(B) Application software:
(C) Utility software


All the hard things that are used to make a computer are called hardware or computer parts. In a word, all the devices or devices that we can see and hold in front of our eyes are hardware. Such as- monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse etc. are included in the hardware. Based on this hardware, the computer can be further divided into four parts.

(A) The input part of the computer.

(B) Central processing part.

(C) Part of memory.

(D) The output part.

Computers are further divided into three parts according to speed, storage capacity, price, nature, etc. Such as-

(1) Analog computer,
(2) Digital computer
(3) Hybrid computer.

Analog Computer: The type of computer in which any computational work is performed by comparing a physical quantity or a physical quantity with another physical quantity is called analog computer.

Digital computer: The type of computer that calculates by directly multiplying an isolated object or by turning on or off an electric current is called a digital computer.

Hybrid computer: A computer that performs its calculations in both analog and digital ways is called a hybrid computer. These computers are used because they are more expensive. We usually use digital computers.

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