Warrior hangout away from the stress pressure and pain of sickle cell

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Hello Hiveians

Today is one of those days we plan and prepare sickle cell warriors to hangout with their families and friends, learn more about their bodies and how to manage every the pains and complications of living with this blood disorder.


It was an interacting educating and
stress relieving process. We got to share our sickle cell story and the journey so far, how we have survived each crisis complications like the acute chest syndrome, necrosis of the hip and joints, leg ulcers in some warriors, and lots of complications been manifested by warrior due to the nature of our blood and health.
Warrior go through regular pain episodes, depression and stigmatization in the society, limitations is a common thing as a result of severe weakness and fatigue they experience and are not able to do stressful or hard labour
to meet their financial needs.

At these times and as a sickle cell advocate I tend to educate people and work with organizations and NGOs that sensitize the public about sickle cell and how to avoid passing the disorder to the next generation.

There are alot of disadvantages that comes with having sickle cell listening to warrior talk about their experiences is worth the while.
We shared routine drugs and other with warrior and had quite a great weekend.











Its always my pleasure to talk to both adults and youth, young and old, mothers and fathers about sickle cell.
Its is a preventable blood disorder and I am in support of laboratory compatibility test before love or marriage


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