Fix it yourself

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Hello Hiveians

You can always learnt to fix it yourself, I thought to myself that its not all damages that needs us to call an expertise fo fix.
For years I have been using this manual machine with no fault, but there is a wear and tear and I can no longer use it.
Then I checked thoroughly for the damages parts, got some new ones to replay the broken parts, then the thought of doing it myself came and if its a matter of loosing bolts and screws I may be able to try.






Am not a machine engineer but after some oiling and fixing broken parts it just have to work. 😁😁😁

How often do you fix things yourself, thanks for stopping by


Good job! I always wanted to have a sewing machine. Perhaps the day will come and I can grab one of those old mechanical machines :)

An old one is good too but the electrical industrial one is better, I just got one for myself.
When there is no power supply I make use of this manual ones...

I bought a new but cheap one and will start sewing some ripped pants and stuff to get into it :) Thanks for inspiring me :)

I always fix things myself and if a man ever tells me that it won't work, then I make sure I fix it till it does (and they're always wrong too...)

So I'm so glad that you did it and now you know that you can do it again when you need to!

Thrive on @monica-ene you go girl and don't even let yourself tell yourself that you can't do it cause deep down inside you know that you can!

We learn while we work and fix them, am glad we have something in common.

Yes we do- just not sewing...colours, fabrics and style YES, just not the making of the clothes...🤣


I have always love to learn how to fix things around me, if the gen have a problem, I will first try every option to work on it and if it didn't work, I take it to the engineer and stay close by to figure out why it didn't work when I was servicing it for future purpose. !wine

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I can totally relate but sometimes the fear of fixing it wrongly and causing more damage is always there but I do fight it back and learn more

Yea that's totally true

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