Educational toys for kids

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Hello Hiveieans

Beautiful morning to hive kids and mothers around the world.
Here is something worthy of emulation that can help your kids to learn easily while growing up.

Educational toys are very important these days and since they are readily available, it will be a good example for you to help your kids play and learn at the same time.

Today you get to see my brother here whose mum made it a point of duty to make available for him all these playful working tool and instruments and as a result am really amazed at his academic zeal talents and skills
It is worth saying that instead of the normal kids play and running around the house he would rather play around his working tools.

Am so glad that science has made learning easier such that he has some of his scientific instruments and machines in toy forms and he can learn while he plays.
He recognizes all the measuring tools like the vernier caliper and clamps used and taught in high and their various use and application.









An engineer is fast growing and I wish and desired that every child around the world will be availed with the best care love and happiness they need to grow up healthy and become good citizens of the world.
The slogan 'Catch them young' will really be of importance if both academics and moral upbringing of these kids is given due attention.

Much love for all the kids around the world.


Really amazing it's good to see him starting up young

Exactly, thanks for the comment