How I Created This Amazing StemSocial Logo Animated GIF For The Community

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Hello StemSocial Community, I'm here with a new animated GIF for the community. Thanks to everyone who dropped amazing comments on my previous StemSocial animation. I hope I'm improving in the creation of StemSocial animation and I will like your honest review. PS: I will be publishing a new article about Socialization connection with Autism this week. Hmmmm, something of that nature, haven't gotten the right topic name yet, just be one a look out for it (smiles). Without wasting any more time, lets take a look at the animated GIF I created for StemSocial Community 👇.

StemSocial Animation.gif

Process Of Creating This Animation

I used Adobe After Effects to design and animate this animation. I didn't use any plugins to create this animation. Let's now just straight into the process of creating this animation.

First, I opened my Adobe After Effects and created a new composition. I set the time for 8 seconds and used a black background.


Next, I created a solid layer and used a White background in order for the animation to look its best.


Next, I imported the StemSocial which I created on Adobe Illustrator.


Next, I added two nice shape layers for texts STEM and SOCIAL.


Next, I added the texts STEM and SOCIAL.




Next, I imported the HIVE logo and that finalized the design process.


Take a good look at the final design.


Next, I started the animation process, I don't know how to express the process but know this, it wasn't easy, it took me about 3 hours to get the animation you will be seeing below. I hope I did some justice to it, what do you think? Kindly drop a comment below, telling me what you think about the animation, thanks.

StemSocial Animation.gif

I hope you guys like the animation. Its completely free for reuse to all StemSocial Community members.


Thanks For Reading

Till Next Time, Stay Safe


This is great! I started working on learning this kind of process myself for such purposes but coming from a total n00b positioning, it's a LOT more arduous than you make it seem. Glad I am free to use it!

I don't write much STEM these days due to job demands and hours but I have a ton of ideas. Can't wait to apply this =D

This is so cool animation. I liked it too :) @menoski well done

I'm you like the animation @dexterdev.

Thanks for coming around.

I'm glad you like it. Yeah, after I started learning it, I started to appreciate everything I see on the television because it's looks like nothing to us viewers but there were great efforts involved.

You can share your ideas with me(here or on discord), and I might try and create them.

Thanks @mobbs for coming around.

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Congratulations on your great work!

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