New way to study exoplanets

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A priori, it might seem impossible to detect the presence of planets revolving around a star. especially considering that the closest one is more than 4 light years from Earth.

Well, despite being so extremely far away and not emitting any kind of light, about 4,000 exoplanets have been discovered orbiting distant stars since the mid-1990s.

There are several ways to detect these exoplanets, but perhaps the best known are Astrometry that measures the "wobble" that the planet's gravitational pull produces in the star, in the same way that the hammer thrower is somewhat dragged by the hammer movement.


Another well-known method is the Transit method, which measures the variation in the luminosity of the star each time the planet crosses in front of it.

Obviously, both this method and the method of astrometry require highly accurate devices.


Well, now they have discovered a new method, which allows exoplanets to be detected by studying the radio waves that come from the observed stars.

A team of scientists with the LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) radio telescope in the Netherlands have observed radio waves carrying the signatures of auroras, caused by the interaction between a star's magnetic field and a planet orbiting it.

The study focused on red dwarfs, which although much smaller and cooler than our Sun, have a much larger magnetic field and are also the most abundant in our Milky Way.


Of course, not all of these planets are habitable, they are not even all solid, and even in the hypothetical case of finding a potentially habitable one, they are far enough away that they cannot be reached with current technology.

But hey, hope cannot be lost, go from here my humble support ...

If you still remain curious you can check the links below:

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