Your Ears and Nose never stop growing?? Maybe not.

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Myth: Noses and ears never stop growing

Most people stop growing around the age of 18—20. Within this age range, our skeletons have reached their maximum size, and the growth plates between bones become fused. Once that happens, there is no room for the bones to grow any longer.

But you might have noticed that has you grow older your ears and nose appears bigger and if you haven't noticed, you'd have noticed that the ears and nose of older people are more pronounced.

For long people have thought it was because the nose and ears never stop growing. But in fact, it's not true but all a myth.

In fact, the reason why people thought this was highly probable was because they also erroneously thought Cartilage ( which is the skeletal material in both the ears and nose) never stop growing.

Yes, your cartilage, as well as skin and muscles, however, continue to change even after your skeleton has stopped growing. But these changes are not necessarily growths.

The fact is that the increase in size observed in ears and nose is all down to the skeletal material in ear and nose, as well as effect of gravity.

As earlier stated the ears and nose are made up of Cartilage which is a skeletal material which is stronger than the skin but softer than bones.
Gravity on the other hand has an interesting effect on the entire human body.

Gravity exacts a lifetime downward pull on the body, both organs and tissues. One of these tissues is the Cartilage. And as time goes by, this continuous pull causes the cartilage to breakdown earlier than bones. The same thing happens to firm nature of the skin, gravity causing it to sag overtime.

So in essence, the breakdown of cartilage causes the already slack piece of skin over the ear to make it sag. It is this sag that gives the ear the apparent increase in size. And same goes for the nose.

Some people naturally experience this sagging faster than others, however, factors like wearing heavy earrings overtime can be a contributing factor.

Other features of your face can emphasize ear and nose size too. E.g Thinner cheeks and lips, looser jaw lines, longer hair.


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