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Greetings dear members of this prestigious platform, undoubtedly technological advances are becoming more sophisticated every day and project us into a world where technological tools will determine our evolutionary process on earth. Thanks to the current pandemic we have seen an accelerated growth of the digital market, as well as an excessive increase of equipment with a utility in these areas, among which stand out, the purchase of smart phones, computers, servers, among others.

However, the fundamental basis of these advances is the use of electrical energy, so that the demand for it has tripled in recent years. In this sense, as a society we have seen the need to seek efficient processes that allow us to obtain electricity in a sustainable way and in this effort we have managed to develop sophisticated equipment that take advantage of the energy systems of our environment.

Such is the case of the valuable equipment developed by Chinese researchers, which is based on the idea of taking advantage of the heat sources of our body and converting them into electrical energy, usable for our cellular equipment to remain in operation.

Fig. 2. Innovative ideas for energy efficiency. Author: Comfreak

The methodological contributions of the inventive have shared it through the journal 'Cell Reports Physical Science', where it can be seen that the equipment is capable of generating a continuous power supply process of the equipment where they were used, hence the need to advance this prototype, as they assume it as the new era of energy for our portable equipment.

Physicochemically, the equipment is based on thermoelectric principles that use temperature gradients and take advantage of these variations to convert them into electricity. In the opinion of Qian Zhang, author of the inventive:
"These advances are in a new field of knowledge if you will, because unlike traditional generators that are based on movement, this device is completely stationary, which makes it maintenance-free." .

So although thermal variations may be small, we should not underestimate the relationship between our body and the environment, so we can extract energy through a more efficient process, so the team of researchers have incorporated nanoscale electrical part, attached to elastic polyurethane, which makes them resistant to the natural movement generated by our body.

Fig. 3. Dynamism of thermal variations. Author: Torsten Henning

Another of the great benefits of the prototype is that the thermal gradient harnessed by magnesium ions instead of the generally more expensive bismuth, hence its availability to the market would be much more affordable than traditional systems.

In this sense, scientific and technological advances are more encouraging every day and are projected to abandon energy patterns based on fossil fuels that have generated so much damage to the planet and currently threatens the survival of species. That is why I invite you to leave your contribution in the comment section if you consider this type of technological advances necessary.


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