Technological innovation, competition or paranoid delirium?

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Greetings dear readers, in the last few days, international news portals have been socializing the struggle between China and the United States for control over technological development and innovation, after Washington's multi-billion dollar plan to compete with the Asian giant in the field of technology came to public light.

In the face of Washington's pretensions, Beijing was quick to label the plan as a singular event of "paranoid delirium" (paranoid delirium being understood as an obsessive disorder strongly dominated by a pattern of unjustified distrust, excessive suspicion and interpretation of malicious motives).

Fig. 2 There is a race for technological development and innovation between the US and China. Public domain image, Author: RavindraPanwar, 2017

However, beyond the qualification that Beijing has imposed on Washington's pretensions to take control of technological innovation, the only certainty is that, in the eyes of the civilized world, these actions are interpreted as strategies of commercial competition in the search for positioning brands and products.

As for Washington's ambitions, experts involved in the project claim that the investment package consists of injecting close to 250 billion dollars into the technology sector, which would be the largest investment in scientific research that the U.S. has been able to make in decades.

For Chuck Schumer, leader of the Senate Democrats and co-author of the bill, "I believe this legislation will allow the United States to outpace the world in innovation, production and competition in the technologies of the future," he said.

Fig. 3 The competition in technological innovation between the US and China has meant constant advances in technological development. Public domain image, Author: PhotoMIX-Company, 2018

For its part, the Chinese government has been emphatic in rejecting Washington's ambitions and everything related to the new legislation, to the point of issuing statements accusing the US of suffering from a "paranoid delusion" and warned that the plan could seriously damage relations between the two countries.

To culminate beyond both positions (USA / China), the truth is that in the field of technological innovation, it is willing that in some way will make us enter a constant advance in technological development.


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