Science between social alternative and new religion

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The origin and development of the human species is so diverse, so varied and so broad that in order to understand it, scientific schemes are used as fundamental tools to understand life, to understand ourselves and to seek solutions to our problems.

The above leads us to a single point and that is that "life is linked to science", science is the greatest collective enterprise of the human species, this if we admit that thanks to science we can theoretically live longer, this because it provides us with food, health, medicines, clothing, energy, and also creates social and communication conditions so that our lifestyles are more pleasant.

Fig. 2 Science is the greatest collective enterprise of the human species, if we admit that thanks to science we can theoretically live longer. Public domain image, Author: Foto-Rabe, 2013

Now not everything is rosy, since, for some critics, science brings more harm than benefits to humanity, a point that is in agreement with the recent statements of experts in anthropology, such is the case of Harari Y., (Historian) and Arsuaga J., (Paleoanthropologist), who agree in pointing out the danger for society, that science becomes a new religion to which "miracles are asked" to fix all the problems created by society itself.

According to Arsuaga's statements, society "cannot wait" for science to save it from all the problems it has created and that it is time to be adults and confront the problems. Arsuaga's statement can be interpreted as a disagreement that evidently leaves aside the fact that the development of the human species goes hand in hand with science in the constant search to improve the quality of life.

However, what is certain is that as a species we are faced with the urgent need for alternative answers, and perhaps this does agree with what Harari said when he said that "science offers the tools, but it depends on the people to make good use" of these tools, something that, he pointed out, is a political and social issue.


[1] Europa Press Arsuaga and Harari agree on the danger of turning science into a religion. Article: Online Access


The cover image was designed by the author: @lupafilotaxia, incorporating the public domain image background: Kkolosov, 2017


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Hello @lupafilotaxia
The proper use of science is very important for humanity in all respects, I hope that the experiences lived in this regard will serve to lead to the search for solutions in all areas.
Excellent reading, thank you for sharing.

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