Science as a resource for peace building

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Today I will cede the space of my publication, a little to socialize the recent statements of scientific connotation made by Pope Francis on the occasion of a meeting with scientific personalities of Italy, activity promoted by the University of Teramo on the occasion of the International Meeting "Science for Peace."

According to the press release posted on the VaticanNews portal, the meeting with the scientists "is a great gift of hope for humanity," because "never before as in these times has the need been felt for a relaunching of scientific research to meet the challenges of contemporary society." To "develop the desire for knowledge that is hidden in the heart of every man and woman."

In the words of Pope Francis, "scientific progress is considered the only possible approach to understand an aspect of life, society and the world", the Bishop of Rome also noted that, due to the pandemic, it is necessary to formulate a new relationship between science and society.

Source / Author: Emersonmello, 2018

The most outstanding appreciation in the message of the Bishop of Rome was when he mentioned that "no scientific knowledge", in fact, "must walk alone and feel self-sufficient". The historical reality, therefore, "needs to be attended to in the plurality of knowledge, which in its specificity contributes to the growth of a new culture capable of building society by promoting the dignity and development of every man and woman."

In his speech Pope Francis concluded by expressing the following; "science, in fact, "is a great resource for building peace" and the task of the scientist is, therefore, "to witness how it is possible to create a new social bond", committing himself "to make scientific research close to the whole community, from the local to the international, and that together it is possible to overcome all conflicts".


NaticanNews Francis: "Science is a great resource for building peace". Link


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I like and share the proposal that scientific knowledge is plural, diverse and multidisciplinary and has as its objective the well-being of humanity.

The pure and applied sciences in their wide variety must be relevant both locally and globally and contribute in this sense, through scientific research and publications.

Good topic, thanks for the publication

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