Coronaviruses and biological adaptability due to the process of natural selection

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Charles Darwin in his scientific inferences came to express the following "We are what we are thanks to a biological process we call Natural Selection", even though Darwin's hypotheses are not fully accepted by the scientific community, his arguments are probably not entirely unfocused if we consider the potentialities that have emerged in the rapid development of vaccines to combat Coronavirus.

Let us remember that the theory of evolution by natural selection is a hypothetical-deductive system that integrates the biological sciences and provides them with rationality, under the premise that everything is part of a mechanism whose occurrence depends on a set of independent events in nature.

Fig. 2 The measures taken have prevented us from generating natural immunity to the coronavirus. Image of public domain, Author: Geralt, 2020

If we relate these scientific positions, of how everything is part of a mechanism whose occurrence depends on a set of independent events in nature, we will find that the measures decreed by the states to face the new Coronavirus break any natural logic, since preventing people from coming into contact with the virus breaks the biological adaptability of the process of natural selection, and therefore prevents us from generating natural immunity to the virus.

In other words, with all the blunders of the states and the race to develop vaccines and then market them without achieving objectives that would cut the number of infections and prevent the number of deaths, we can infer that the measures taken behind the backs of the scientific community have only worsened the pandemic crisis due to Covid-19.

While everything mentioned so far is based on assumptions, in light of new scientific advances developed to counteract the new Coronavirus at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in China, it has been possible to extract mRNA, with the aim of designing and administering an antigen to cells in order to induce an anti-Covid-19 immune response.

It should be emphasized that, according to the results obtained by injecting rodents with Covid-19 mRNA, their immune system is boosted since, after receiving the viral load, a reduction in viral propagation is initiated in time.


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The cover image was designed by the author: @lupafilotaxia, incorporating the public domain image background: Aitoff, 2015 Dianakuehn30010, 2020



I think what you are trying to say is that we should be allowed to mingle and form our immunity to the virus. Thereby, promoting natural selection as proposed by Darwin, right?

If so I agree with you, it is only that to sacrifice thousands of lives for natural selection seems like a suicidal mission. And we have grown so attached to each other that we cannot allow that to happen.

Natural selection may work well with animals, but humans, are of higher intelligence, and we should find ways to resolve this without having to lose two many lives

Hi @edystringz, good point in part I agree with you, but it seems that only we who care about life see that. Do you think that the pharmaceutical industry and governments have our same position, and if so why they have not paid attention to the warnings that the scientific community has been doing. We are not confronted with natural processes, we are confronted with the economic and political ambitions of unscrupulous powerful sectors.

I cannot say for sure sir, since I do not know the thoughts of the governments.

But since they say action speaks louder than words, then, maybe, just maybe, what we see them doing on a daily basis is exactly what they mean.