Recover Call recordings , voice recordings and Mp3 Files | FULL VIDEO GUIDE

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Hello everyone i hope you are doing well. Today in this video i am gonna share the full tutorial of audio recovery. This is for android users. So if you lost your audio files such as Mp 3 songs, call recordings and voice recordings then this is the perfect solution for you.

Well i want to show you negative side as well. Audio recovery sometime not recover your all deleted videos so don't feel sad if you not found your very important file that you deleted in past. but something is better than nothing.

Steps that you have to follow

First of all go to the app store and search the keyword "audio recovery"

You will find the "audio recovery " application there in orange icon.

Install it and open it and click allow permissions.

After that just select "also recover SD card ?" option and choose recovery method 1 (algorithm 1)

Then it will takeask you to start so just click on start. It takes 2-3 minutes to recover.

click on view recordings and then choose your desired one

Click on three dots from up side right and click restore.

After that you can se your file in your memory section

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Fantastic guideline.
I really didn't know that all these things can be done on a mobile phone although I didn't try.
It's a nice informative video.
Keep up the good work.

Hey i am really glad that you liked it brother. You can definitely try it when you face this type of problem. good day

Hello friend @luckyali, You have explained perfectly how to recover call,voice recordings and Mp3 files through Audio Recovery App on android phones. It would very useful guidance for anybody who haven't knowledge about it. Thanks for informative tutorial.

Hi brother i am glad that you liked it. have a nice day ☻

Hi bro Lucky!
Absolutely useful trick and guideline..
Of course play store providing such useful application/ tools to take back our lost files..
one thing I noticed if file size in MB then it takes very long time to recover.. in case of photos, definitely these are useful app..
Have a great Sunday brother

Have a great sunday too brother and The special thing in this applicaion it takes less time to recover comparing to other. Negative point is, it is not able to recover all the files. thanks for your valuable feedback. ♥