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Now a days we are listening about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, block chain and more other words about cryptocurrencies. Dear friends cryptocurrencies is one of the best idea for growing your carrier as well as it is very risky who want make a business for him. Business is one of the best way for earning so you should have to ready for risk and earn, Because higher the risk means higher the investment and it is resulting into hire the earning or return.

Now the question is what is cryptocurrency for beginners?

This is a simple definition of cryptocurrencies, It is digital or virtual currency. Is is managed by cryptography. And the cryptography is one of the method of stored an information in computers by digital and mathematical concept. The digital technique which involved in is called block chain. If you want know about block chain so refer below by click here.

Now the question is how it is work and how can we earn with drive it?

Right now we have lot of option for earn cryptocurrencies. But before taking any steps you should have to know how is it work. The cryptocurrencies is decentralized means it is not stimulating any central or government authority so it is not manipulating by government. It is stimulating as that simulating government of India by peoples of India.
The Bitcoin was launched in the 2009 by peer-to-peer technology. The bitcoin was first token of cryptocurrency. When bitcoin starting distribution or selling in 2010 so the initial amount was 0.09$, according to current Indian National Rupees = 6.82. Now the bitcoin in touch sky for it's price. Currently it is selling in highest price.
As current price of 1 bitcoin in Indian National Rupees is 39,72,130.00, before last 2 weeks ( end of November 2021) the bitcoin crossed 45 lacks in INR and during lock-down it was closed 52 lacks.

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Now we have lot of coins like bitoin,litecoin,Ethereum,Maker,Binance coin, Siacoin, Doge coin and Gala also lot of coin right now available.

There are lot of websites which give you information about market.

If you know above factor effect so kindly refer it by click here.





Now a days we have 2 simple option for earning by bitcoin. In current time CoinDcx and CoinSwich
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