Look at those who work hard to provide for their families

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Life's journey is different for everyone. Everyone has their own story in running their life. a lesson I took from my meeting with fishermen in a small port on the outskirts of the city where I live. This morning I visited a small port used by fishermen to park their boats. There are also quite large fishing boats here.

The people here are very friendly and I feel like lingering here.When I arrived the fishermen were putting fishing nets into their boats. Some have already sailed and some have returned from their voyage. This port is a place for fishermen to drop off all their fish catch. After the ship returns, there will come a big agent who collects all their catch for sale to another merchant. Here we cannot directly buy fish that have just been brought home by fishermen. Here they first weigh their catch to the person who buys all the catch and then sells it Returned by this second party. The price is also not too expensive, most people in the city who want fresh fish they will definitely buy it here.


We are watching fishermen lower their fishing nets into the boat. Today's atmosphere does look a little dark because the sun is not yet clear, maybe in the northeast it is cloudy.





I asked one of the fishermen who are here whether this boat is your own private property? he answered no, this is a ship that was ordered to be managed by a boat owner so that these fishermen can find fish in the sea. from the catch of fish these fishermen share the results with the ship owner.I did not ask how much profit and profit sharing they agreed upon. I asked this fisherman again, do you always get a lot of fish every time you go sailing looking for fish? This fisherman said no, every time they go the fish catch varies, sometimes they get a lot, sometimes they only get a little he even said that when he caught a few fish, it was enough to refuel the boat.

Here I am very touched by the struggle of the fishermen they have to go out to sea to catch fish. Even the risk they will get in the ocean could be their lives. This is the struggle of fishermen who always dare to take risks whatever happens when they leave they will be ready to bear it. I salute their struggle,Because they have to sail to provide for their families. A father's hard work to provide the best for his family must be appreciated.

Everything we do will have risks that we must face. Different people have different ways of dealing with it. be grateful for what you have now and continue to do the best and for your loved ones. Everyone's economy is different so the price of everything around you even if you are a boss. this is my meeting with fishermen, hopefully it can be useful for anyone who reads it. be grateful for our life then it will be better. See you


I never stopped looking up to those people in my life and I also learned the most valuable life lessons from them.

You can't really know a fisherman's struggle until you talk to one but once you open up your ears you start understanding life on a much simpler level.

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Yes, now I understand it better. and I don't dare complain when the sesang fish rises. The fishermen's struggle is indeed very great.

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