How beautiful are you?

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A few days ago my wife said that her body shape had changed and she thought she was not attractive enough, I responded with a smile because I knew she would always be beautiful no matter what.
I hope she doesn't read my post this time.

A photo of a supermodel (source: wikipedia)

So what exactly is beauty?

According to the author's reference from wikipedia beauty is the nature of living things and ideas that are seen as being able to give a sense of pleasure, satisfaction and meaning.

Beauty is closely related to aesthetics, beautiful and psychologically affects, one's experience is certainly different in interpreting beauty, right? of course there will always be a movement of beautiful generalizations in every community, race and so on and there is nothing wrong with that.
Just as we will naturally be obsessed and admit that the idea of ​​creating world peace is a good idea, we will always try to make it happen together (example of generalizing a pretty/good idea).

Why must it be beautiful?

Beauty is a level of open self-acceptance that motivates us to make it one of the goals.
Why do people want to see flower gardens, sky filled with stars? because we accept it openly, our body will produce happy hormones and we enjoy it.

What can we learn?
The fact that we need beauty and beauty can influence other people.

When does beauty exist?

Many experts try to predict when beauty was born, but I will tell you a little secret.

Beauty existed long before those of you who read this article were born, precisely when the first human was on earth and realized that beauty is perfection of thought and existed before it existed.

So if we can't find beauty, then of course there is something wrong with our minds.

Where can beauty be found?

Everywhere of course, in ideas, forms, smells, sounds and everything that is with our senses even in the Mariana Trench.

As I wrote above that each of us has a different view of beauty, one day I attended a history class and met a woman who I thought was beautiful (factors that I judged first were face, body odor and appearance, color and shape did not affect my initial assessment), then came the question and answer session in class and the beautiful thing I gave the woman actually faded because the idea she had was not beauty.

What did I learn?
The definition of beauty can change due to other factors and of course my assessment will be different from the judgment of others.

Who is beauty?

Interesting question, I invite you to realize beauty as a figure? what did you find? she is beauty for the true meaning in each of us.

How to be beauty?

Make the beauty in our minds become us and we will be beauty, because beauty does not belong to other people but our minds that make it happen so don't be afraid to be beauty.

How about the definition of beauty now?

Actually nothing has changed from thousands of years ago about the definition of beautiful, but nowadays it is becoming more forced to accept beauty from other people's point of view.
For example, a woman with a slim body will be considered beautiful by most people today, of course this is the influence of the media, such as television, social media and so on, so there are generalizations of beauty today, whereas hundreds of years ago those who had a slim body shape and tended to be thin considered malnourished and unattractive because beauty at that time was a bit plump not too fat, you can see the paintings of the medieval maestro.

"Woman with a veil (La Donna Velata)", painted 1516,by Raffaello Sanzio (source: wikipedia)

Venus in Urbino, by Tiziano Vecelli, (source: wikipedia)

Even in the Paleolithic era, about 25000 years ago, beautiful women were actually those who had a fuller/fatter body, why do I call it the standard of beauty at that time? because if we do art work of course we will make something the most beautiful at that time.

Paleolithic woman statue, (source: wikipedia)

I will try this discussion on the side of beauty in women only (my view as a man)

Actually, the current standard of women's beauty is the result of the commercialization of beauty products, they are the ones who benefit in this position because the standardization of beauty that they have made has erased culture, culture, race and other human things.

Like where I am today (Indonesia) women prefer their skin color to be white than their original color, because we live in the equator, our skin tends to be brown to olive in color, you can imagine if all the women in my place (Indonesia) trying to make his skin white like white yam? certainly a big advantage for the beauty company is not it? and very inhuman.

How about body shape?

Hey, we have a different body shape actually and our body shape follows conditions, such as before giving birth and after giving birth, we also realize that time is a one-way street that we will eventually reach an old condition and don't care about body shape, because the most important thing is then is health.

What about slim models like advertisements on television?

They are not wrong because beauty standards are not those that make it just a job demand.
Well I will try to give an example, if we are given a beauty view every day by television are those who are slim and tend to be thin while the standard of beauty in our area is women who tend to be full, then of course we will think that television's beauty standards are strange or it could be that the advertisement affects and ultimately think women in our area are ugly, wrong opinion isn't it.

In my view, Southeast Asian people will always be beauty, as well as Middle Eastern, African, European and other people.


What can I conclude? Beauty is a human need to stay aware that we are human, beautiful is not just a form but it can be a color, smell, idea, and other things related to aesthetics that can make us happy.

The global standardization of beauty is a hidden evil and must be stopped because each of us has our own view of beauty. if this continues, we will lose our sense of being human and will destroy customs, cultures, races and other different views about beauty, of course we also cannot completely blame the beauty industry in general because there can be no smoke without fire.

Let beauty remain the definition of each of us and let us enjoy different kinds of beauty, because basically we are all beautiful (especially women), keep our good and stay human.

Finally I ended the conversation with my wife with the question "you mean beauty like the model in the ad?".

Thank you
Best regard @kharrazi


Nıce wrıte up , to me ı see beauty as character and as they say beauty ıs ın the eye of the beholder

We are aware that beauty will be different in each character and eyes have an important role in determining, but what if we are born blind? I believe visuals are just another determining factor, because there are many ways to find beauty
Thank you

Very inspiring write up. I think for we women, we find our natural looks unsatisfactory and that is why we go extra miles to look like what we think is beautiful.

If we try to dig deeper into the meaning of satisfying what is meant to be for other people (men and can be women) or satisfying ourselves, a new consequence that arises is, there is a standard of satisfaction that must be passed so that it takes a struggle to get it, if it is beautiful to satisfy ourselves then congratulations, we will get a big goal because we are fully ourselves, whether it was then, now or after.

But it will be different if the concept of satisfaction comes from external factors, we will forever be someone else and we will never be completely beautiful, because happiness, the impression and pleasure we get from being satisfied / other people's standards are only pseudo and will always change according to the needs of external factors, forever the struggle to satisfy ourselves to be beautiful will never be appreciated.

Thank you dear

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