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RE: What is Social Network 3.0 & How can HIVE Lead the Transformation

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I agree. I was reminded of the times when the Internet appeared in my country. Modems were working as loud as Atari cassettes while launching games. I think at that time the Internet was really free and you could find a lot of necessary knowledge at your fingertips. The web wasn't full of disinformation like today. Algorithms that forcefully send us materials after a search history based on interests often deprive us of the opportunity to discover new and perhaps interesting content and instead of that we have ads that are polysed.
More and more often in social media, which were an alternative to mainstream media and were characterized by the flow of free information, becomes subject to censorship and has a real impact on our reality. People are people, we are all different so it is normal that everyone has the right to their own opinion and their own views, but allowing one to talk about certain things that for big giants like FB are convenient and the voice is to direct the society as they like, taking away the opportunity to ask questions, verify and freely transmit information.


The good old days indeed, where the bullitin boards wasn't in the hands of commercial parties, but in the hands of fans. Where the internet was still breathing freedom of information. And then the mass start using it. And the internet was turned into a reveneue model to serve the mass. We see this happening in all industries, when enough money can be made to allow business without a real tie into the segment itself, such segment is more or less 'robbed' from its original identity and experiences an ever increasing commercialism in its products and services. The same happened with the Internet, the social media and other services used by the mass. Though this process seems to be the same, due to the nature of the internet and social media, the effects of commercialising the product 'information' has far more concequencies in people lifes.

Exactly 🙃