What would happen if we fell into a black hole?

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It’s weird and scary to think about what a black hole can be like inside. It is no coincidence this post was illustrated with my special fractal images (created with JWildfire), showing the distortion of spacetime.
Art and theoretical physics meet here.

To the best of our knowledge, black holes are the densest objects in the universe, objects in which massive gravity is concentrated in a distinctly small region. Due to the huge gravity, the black hole absorbs the surrounding material one by one, not even light can exit the object.

Many imagine that when they reach a black hole, the amazing forces would squeeze or tear the body apart, but the reality is even more extreme.


If a person were to enter the black hole, reality would split in two: in one, it would immediately disintegrate, and in the other, it would move forward intact in the object.
In a black hole, the laws of physics we know do not live, due to extreme gravity, spacetime bends. The boundary of the black hole is called the event horizon. Starting from this edge, the further we get inside the object, the more the spacetime curves.


The man falling to the black hole would shrink, expand, and slow down for the outside observer. Arriving at the event horizon, it would then stiffen and then be consumed by heat.
From the inside, however, the process would look different: one would fall in free fall, not feel gravity, but live.


Beyond the event horizon, the roles of time and space are reversed, one cannot step out of the black hole freely, but one can travel as one pleases in time.

Thus, under the known laws of physics, man would be destroyed in one form, but beyond the event horizon, a copy of his former self could survive. All this can be attributed to Einstein's theory of relativity: there is a completely different experience outside and inside the black hole.

It is important to emphasize that all this can be assumed on the basis of today's knowledge of science. So far, it has not been possible to examine a black hole from the inside, and it seems to be superfluous, as the information gathered could not exit the event horizon.

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This is one of the subjects I most enjoy reading. We still have a lot to research and I hope that in the not too distant future we may have more research on the Black Hole.

This is the greatest exploration of what we can never explore ever! I LOVED IT! Your art makes the trip seem worth it ...

But why is "The Hotel California" playing in my head?