Our heart 💓 is 5000 times stronger than our brain!

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From the beginning of human thinking, the heart has been a symbol of love and the center of our emotions. Then modern, materialist medicine came, and tried to convince us heart is just a pump that flows blood through our bodies.


Some surprising experiments show well how much science has gone wrong. The experiments were conducted in 1993 but were never made public. This is because the scientific world has a hard time seeing its mistakes.
Founded in 1991 and now world-renowned for its revolutionary discoveries, the HeartMath Institute has conducted a new kind of research into the physiology of emotions and the interactions between the heart and the brain. In 1993, for example, they examined how emotions dominate the human body. Research has focused primarily on the area of our body that is normally responsible for causing emotions - that is, our heart.


Until then, scientists have assumed that with its electromagnetic pulses, the brain is the largest transmitter. Then, however, they found an electromagnetic field around the heart that was much larger; moreover, it is so strong that it extends far beyond the limits of the body. The force field radiated by the heart is probably even larger than measured, as today’s, yet imperfect, measuring devices do not allow for truly accurate measurements.

Our heart is a kind of mediator that transforms all our beliefs and emotions into electrical and magnetic vibrations and waves.

And these electromagnetic waves are not limited to our bodies, but penetrate deep into our environment and interact with everything that surrounds us. Our hearts translate our beliefs, imaginations, and emotions into another language — the coded language of vibrations and waves — and thus radiate them.

Our beliefs interact with the physical world in the form of electrical and magnetic waves radiated by the heart.

The magnetic field of the heart is 💓five thousand times stronger💓 than the magnetic field of the brain.
So much more power flows from our heart than from our brain. Why is it so important to know this? Simply because that way we can finally understand why some of our desires are fulfilled with ease, while, others have not yet come true, even though we have worked hard for them and imagined them to the best of our knowledge, conscientiously.

If we say affirmations or display certain images before our spiritual eyes that we are not convinced in the depths of our hearts that our desire will come true, only our brain emits electromagnetic waves, while the center of our emotions, the heart, radiates more than five thousand times more force. our doubts and concerns. The consequence of this is obvious: in our lives, only what we believe in the depths of our hearts can come true.
If our beliefs are also supported by the power of our emotions, the energy emitted will be incomparably greater. But if we are sad, depressed, and powerless, we can desire what we want: the power of bleak emotions will still be far greater than that of our intellect. Prophets, sages, and teachers of past ages and today have continually said and are saying that we must learn to see with our hearts. We can change the world with our hearts.

Source: rejtelyekszigete.com
The pictures are my original fractals, created with JWildfire.

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