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RE: Dr. Masaru Emoto and The Water Crystal - Did you know it?

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Masaru Emoto works is interesting but it is still unverified. I did a blog (The Memory of Water: Pseudoscience or not?) about it few months ago.


I have reviewed your post, what quality images and writing. There is something that was not entirely clear to me, because even though I searched other sites, they did not specify about a verified experiment of him and this topic, but I kept stating it, sorry for not having clarified that point in the post.

No worries. His research really quite controversial. It take me few days to get the resources needed for my blog. Nonetheless, that is a good blog.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope and keep refreshing the information on this subject, it would be interesting if you really try to check or verify this this topic. Have a nice day :)

If I encounter or choose to verify, I let you know. Have a nice day too! Keep Safe!