Unfortunately I Had to Get the Covid Vaccine

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Yeah...I tried to resist as much as possible, but I ended up taking the COVID-19 vaccine. I took my first dose of Pfizer's vaccine on December 8th and this for me is not cause for celebration, but sadness to see that I did something for I was obliged, against my will.

The government of the state where I live here in Brazil is enforcing vaccination against Covid for the entire population. In many public and private places here today a health passport is required, and I found myself cornered in the face of so many restrictions.

I took the vaccine and thanks God I didn't even have a reaction, apart from an arm pain and a little headache. Normal.

Unfortunately, we live in dark times. Our freedom is being eliminated every day. The rulers, the media, the newspapers are all against us. Social control has already started, and today we no longer own ourselves, our wills, our bodies.

Where are we going to stop?

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I am still not taking the first dose after almost 1 year since the pandemic started, absolutely nothing has happened to me and I only remember a slight fever almost at the beginning of March 2020, sometimes I'm amazed with what governments are willing to do.

Great!!! You will not regret. I lost close ones to covid and almost loose another one last month. Doctor said she survived due vax action.

First day you may fell sick. It's your body fighting it and creating power. Then you will be good and protected

Best wishes.

Eu não acredito nesse "soro milagroso", só tomei pq fui obrigado mesmo. 😁

quando virus foi lançado ( acidente ou proposital ) vacina já estava criada na gaveta.

agora é tarde para batalhar contra

temos que nos preparar para futuro, votando em lideres melhores e mudanças que começam por nós para ter um mundo mais equilibrado com a natureza.

quem sabe mudamos nossa forma de consumo e entramos em equilíbrio com planeta e evitamos novas crises de controle populacional.

Não dá para dar like neste aqui...