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Photography is one of the subjects I like to deal with the most here. Much because of my love for this art that has always been part of my life. I remember when in 1993 (I was 7 years old) I got my first camera, a Kodak, a gift from my aunt.

At that time, photography was still analogue. We had the films, to develop a photo it took days, I had to leave the film in the photography laboratory (and at that time it was expensive).

I remember that we were immensely happy when we were able to see the negative (the preview of the photos in two colors only - green and blue).

At the time of analogue, everything took longer, like the revelation. We didn't know, for example, if the photo had been good when we clicked, because the cameras didn't have an LCD monitor to check the quality of the photo, etc... But, it was a big job that gave pleasure.

The surprise and happiness to see later the developed photos was something indescribable.

Today, photography is digital. Everything is instantaneous, fast, people don't have the patience anymore. A photographer today does not have the technique that a "root" photographer of the analogue era had. Everything is Photoshop and image manipulation. Few are the photographers today who want to learn photography, many just want to learn how to edit and manipulate photos.

The digital age of photography brought a lot of ease, such as speed in sending and developing images. Digital cameras have much more functionality, faster photo capture. They are real machines. But, there are many disadvantages, and I mentioned this right above.

Between digital photography and analog photography, I believe that today, as a professional photographer (who lives off photography), I want to be able to have the technique, the skill and the "analog" patience and the "digital" speed and agility. The union of the two is possible, and I try to bring this together in my work in photography.

Are you "analog" or "digital"?

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