Are You In Hive For Money Only?

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I was asked in a post I made here by a user if I'm on Hive just for money.

This question has many answers, but the main one is that if it were just for the money I wouldn't be here 5 years posting on my Hive blog almost daily.

If I'm just here for money? Not you? I am for the money, but not "only" for the money. If it were just for the money I would have given up on being here for so long. And I've seen many users here disappear because they were only here for the money. This is the worst way to face your coexistence here at Hive.

Just being here for the money can be a dangerous and frustrating experience. Dangerous because you desperate for money can do many wrong things like post bad content, spam, plagiarize content, harass other users and it can all make you get punished with "flags" and even destroy your reputation here.

Being here just for the money is frustrating, as you will find that these efforts of yours have had the opposite effect than expected. You will earn nothing but the contempt and anger of the community.

I'm not here just for the money. I'm here because I like to express myself by writing what I like, intrigues, questioning, bothering me. Hive, for me, is almost like therapy when I don't have anyone by my side to talk to and let off steam.

Here I can write differently than I would if I wrote on my Facebook or Instagram where nobody appreciates what you write. The people there live only on appearances. Hive is different. In addition to seeing that there are people who read what I write, comment and vote in support of what I wrote.

Are you here just for the money?

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No but I remember some of the prominent users from the beggining of the platform that "loved the community", were "here to give back", couldn't "live without vlogging daily for us". Coincidently they all found out a good reason to leave... during bear markets 🤡

Yeah, I remember them...Lucky that in bad and good moments we stay here...we survived! 😁✌️

I was into the money part start of my journey here in Hive/steemit. Until I was able to explore and get involved in multiple communities. Multiple projects and people. I realized that there's more than the monetary rewards after. True enough, money motivates us to be here but the people makes us stay here in the long run.

Yeah! Congrats!

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Man, you know how many years I'm on Hive? I know all the rules of the game here and I've been never spamming, copying pasting or something. All of my posts is original! I suggest you and your group to review this comments in my posts!


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Don't is "recycle", that's an traduction of my own post in my native language. I'm here since 2016 and I've never had problem with that, why now a project comes to my blog and says that I'm "spamming" ?