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RE: Old but memorable games for my childhood - My first PC

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floppy diskettes

I used them mainly for storing documents but I never really played games from them.

The old school games on the other hand I have not played. I always meant to play them eventually but I generally focused more on the recent games. At that point in time, I was more inclined to play emulated console games on the SNES and other platforms.


Luckily for you in this post are some links to play them online (a site with an DOS emulator embeed) you can even run them on fullscreen! No install, advertise or nothing! And there are plenty of them so you can enjoy a lot!

Snes are great! I need to buy a joystick for the pc

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for the heads up. I'll put them on my list of games I want to play but no guarantees since I got a backlog.