Robe Ceremony at Florence Biomedicine Department

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Hi, dear Hivers
This is my first post in a while. I keep doing this, but let's say that college comes first.

A couple of days ago, I had a special moment at college: a traditional ceremony at the end of the first semester where we are officially given our robes or coats and take an oath to honor it and the medical sciences.



I would have loved to have my parents with me for such a special moment, but that was impossible. My grandmother accompanied me in their place.


We are a small group at the Biomedicine department. Two sections. I belong to the night group. There were not many people in the audience. Just one or two relatives for each student.


We have made a great group so far. They even elected some special members of the group and issued certificates on different areas. I did well this semester. I know I do better and will be working on it.


This is us, taking the oath. I had not eaten all day; that's why I look so serious 😊


Here's my grandmother with me.


And here's the whole group.
I feel very excited at what the next semesters will bring. It's been challenging, especially now that I do not have a part-time job, but I'll figure something out. I love the experience so far. I may explore some sport activities to complement my academic training. Hopefully, I'll be able to be good at both things.


Thanks for stopping by. See you next time


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Congratulations and thanks for sharing these great pics from your robe ceremony!

Thank you very much

You look great in that robe. We are so happy for you, sweetie, and so sorry we were not able to be with you for this. 🫂
You've done great so far, in every aspect of your journey for independence and education. We know you'll be very successful!
Keep swimming 🥽 🐟

Thanks, Dad.
You guys have been with me along the way in many eays. I keep swimming and dreaming that we can meet soon. 😘