First Day of College

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Hi, dear Hivers
I have been unable to post as often as I wish. In fact, I have been unable to do many things, like drawing or going out with friends.

Work has been very stressful and yesterday was my long-awaited first day of class.



First Day in College

I am supposed to leave work at six so that I can start classes at 6:30 PM. However, my boss and co-workers keep complicating things at work and yesterday I was about to miss my first day.

I had to argue with a co-worker who had been leaving earlier and wanted to do it again. Finally, she understood and stayed so that I could leave earlier.

All day long, I had been taking care of the logistics of an hair salon-related event. It was very stressful and the participants, who were supposed to be refined people were as dirty and careless as you can imagine. The trashed the whole place, especially the bathroom.

By the time I got to the university, my migraine was killing me. I felt like throwing up, my eyes felt like they were popping out of my face.


Despite that, I was very excited. I had waited for this for two years. My first class was Cytology. I think I will like that. Today, I'll have Embryology.

I'm very excited about this. I'll probably have to quit my job and get a better one, though.

Thanks for stopping by


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I did my second degree 6 years part time, 3 nights a week 6pm to 9pm, after an 8 hour day. You got this!! And you will find some routine. Kudos to you!!

Thank you so much. That comment means a lot to me. I am so nervous and have so many doubts.
My headaches have become more frequent and there is so much going on at work and at home and I swallow all that because I am a foreigner, etc. There are days I feel I am going to blow up or collapse.
I admire what you did when you had to. It's inspiring. 🤗

Congratulations ! Keep on working hard , girl!The best is yet to come !

🙏 Thanks. I hope so

Do not lose heart in your intention to prepare yourself in what you have decided as a career for your life. Do not lose your balance because it is indispensable for your success. Concentration and calm are what you need at this time.
Go ahead!

Thank you so much, @zeleiracordero-2 !

My dad told me about your father and his friendship with my grandfather. Such a small world!

Yes, that's right. My father and your grandfather were friends and co-workers. I have as a childhood memory, a visit to the house of Mr. Lezama and Mrs. Esther, your grandmother. I also met Elaiza.
Your father is very talented, I admire him a lot.

That's so cool.
I did not have time to share much with my paternal grandparents ☹️