Looking for Decentralized cloud storage recommendations...

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Finding a decentralized cloud storage

Hey everyone!
Recently I started thinking about keeping my photos and videos on a cloud somewhere...
So now I’m looking into a good option to do that on the blockchain.

As we all know with the new technology all the new phones we are all running out of storage very fast!

Please give me a recommendation!

Let me know what you use to store your database(photos, videos) so I can check it on.
Also, I’ll be happy to lend the storage of my laptop, as I’ve seen in some places you can do that, so this will be also a pleasure for me to do it and participate in some project.

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Моето предложение не е точно децентрализиран клауд, а направо външен хард диск .
2 терабайта е този ( 2048 GB) и е на оферта сега.. скоро идва и черен петък може още да го намалят ;)

IPFS is good for alternative cloud storage.

i can give cloud on my pc with syncthing GTK, You can find onine solutions at www.trade-free.org/directory and you can read and take everything trade-free at www.tromsite.com

Decentralized cloud storage is still new and i like to follow up on that also. Can't yet recomend any of them but there might be a few working projects between these and others, some are still testing / rolling out.
Storj, Maidsafe, Burstcoin, Filecoin

If you want 50gb (i think) try Mega.nz one.