What are those hive-engine shitcoins for?

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In the past week I have been receiving, frequently, some shitcoins that have no price/value, I have no idea what they are, what are their purpose, nor how to use them, but I have been staking them, so if someone can explain to me I would be grateful.

Do they have any usage? And if so, HOW am I supposed to use them and use them? I know that STEM one is from a community, but do not know at all how useful or what for it is. The other ones even less.


Does anyone know anything about them and can, please, clarify what are they for and how am I supposed to use?

There is a screenshot of my shit-hive-engine coins.


First of all, those are not shit coins !

I would like to explain what's a tribe.

When you use #proofofbrain tag, your content apear in proofofbrain.io

When you use the tag #neoxian you content apear in neoxian.city

When you use the tag #leofinance your content apear in leofinance.io

The same about stem, archon, palnet, creativecoin and others. Please do your best to not abuse those tags.

Each tag is used for particular niche. Proofofbrain is mostly general, but you have to take a look at the front end to understand what to post about. Cretivecoin is for something creative like art and other things. You just click on the information next to each token in hive-engine to understnad what's it's created for. For example lefinance is mostly about investment. Anyway, it's a big world of many people creating and curating on it. It's awesome and we may find some whales in a tribe who are not whales in other. You may grow your account in any tribe you like and buy any token you like.

I hope it's more clear now and it's up to you to learn more about that.

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That is somewhat what I thought. I just need, now, to learn about the niche of each community, or "tribe", to learn to use the tags correctly.

I call them "shit coins" because their value is low, for now, not because they have no use. The point of this post is exactly to learn what are they and how to use each one, so I thank you for your contribution a lot more than my vote can reward you. Thanks!!

Some of those tokens cost even more than hive cost my friend. Their value is not low. For example pob cost about $0.6 and it costed about $1 a few weeks ago. Leofinance also costed before more than a hive but now it's less. There are others there I don't know about cost even much more. Some mining tokens and others. I earn only those that have front end. For example I'm mostly active in proofofbrain where I earn pob. And I'm staking there enough to support creators in the tribe. Please learn about them. Shitcoin is not the proper word in my opinion to use. Here you can check their prices : https://hive-engine.com/?p=tokens

I wish you find what you like.

I'm glad to see you active again.

Thank you a lot! I might buy some of them in the future. For now I am broke as I put all the remaining crypto I had powering up HP.

Do I need to use THEIR Front-Ends to get their rewards? Or can I use any front end as long as I use their tags?

For example, use Peakd and use their tags while staking, does that help? And how so?

Also, does the amount of their tokens I am staking influence anything?

No, only by using the tag your content will be posted there.

But, it's always welcome to use the front end because a part of your earning may support the team and you maybe supported more as well.

For example I'm ok to share 10% from my rewards with proofofbrain tribe because I'm supported there very well.

You may thinking, all the rewards will go 10%. But no, only the rewards of the token you earn. Hive earned will be untouched. And the earning of other tribes as well. Only the token of the front end will be shared. In case you use their front end, but you are allowed to not use it as well. It's ok also to create at the same time in a few tribes if the topic is accepted in all of them.

I wish to see you active in tribe. I may support you as well. ☺

Thank you for sharing that much information!
I will keep using my favorite front-end, but will start using the beneficiary feature, to support the platform I admire and support their development.

I call them "shit coins" because their value is low, for now, not because they have no use.

What does low mean to you?

For example now I call the !PIZZA bot to give some Pizza tokens to you. The current value of the Pizza token is $0.06542 USD.

By the way, many coins may have low value nowadays, but they may go up in the future. You can never know. The best example for this is Dogecoin. Dogecoin is started as a joke in 2013, nowadays it has good values (around $0.32 USD).



@igormuba! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (3/10)

I don’t mean that they are useless, by shit coin I mean they have not that many users (yet), compared to, for example, Ethereum tokens

That's reall nice