Cortico Basal Implants - Testimonial Video!

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I edited this Testimonial video for one of my clients in India which happened to be a Dentist. In this video, cortico Basal Implants are explained by Dr. Suvidha Seth (Re-Hab Dental). These are also call immediate function loading implants. This is the part 2 of the previous video and in continuation where after treatment testimonials are shown.

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Nicely edited video and lots of good information given. Good one @hungrypb.

Thank you so much @sugandhaseth. Appreciate it.!

Abhi toh muujhe zaroorat nahi hai Implants ki par future mein toh padhne hi waali hai. Main pakka jaungi inke paas.

Jab bhi zaroorat ho chale jaana. They are in Noida, so all good. 😍

Pakka jaungi. Kabhi na kabhi toh jaana hi hai.

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