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But luckily, technology still shows us its beautiful face, and offers more solutions to our problems every day. With the radiance of its dawn, obstacles disappear and miracles are achieved. Scientific efforts recently ended in an amazing solution for those who are blind, it is the automatic eye.

It was pure science fiction, but continued efforts brought him to his creativity, and he has already been tried on seven people including the 63-year-old Larry Hester, and a number of videos have been spread that tell his story and show his reaction the first time he saw In it the light after thirty-three years of complete darkness in which he sees nothing.

"Yes, my God, yes!" Larry's first sentence was repeated when the robotic eye that he was one of the first to try in the world was activated, and that was at the Duke Eye center in Carolina, with the help of doctor Hahn who shared Larry and his wife at their first look at Larry's sight, his happiness was great, and he felt He is very lucky to have had such a unique treatment.

The researchers at the Duke Eye Center made this eye in its primitive form, then acquired its final specifications and complex structure with the help of Second Sight Medical Product, but unfortunately it will not restore normal eyesight to humans, instead it provides the ability to distinguish the wall from the door, and see the lines that the pedestrians cross In general methods, and such things, i.e. the patient is able to recognize colors lightly and distinguish shapes somewhat, but it certainly does not provide the clear vision that our eyes offer.
How does this automatic eye work?

In the normal eye, sticks and cones (neurons that receive light) convert light into electrochemical signals that are sent through the optic nerve to the brain, where they are converted to images, but for those who are blind, most of these cells are idle, which means that the first step in the vision process will fail ..

Thus, electrochemical signals will not be sent to the brain, and no image will be seen, except that this system (the automatic eye) can bypass this problem by completely bypassing the role of light-receiving neurons.

The camera attached to the patient's glasses captures the moving scene he sees, and this filmed video is sent to a small laptop computer carried by the patient, where it is received, processed, and converted into orders to be returned again to the patient's electronic glasses, then these orders are sent to a sensitive receiver It is implanted in the eye in some way ..

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These commands are transmitted to an electrode that emits small electrical impulses that carry the instructions sent by the laptop, and these impulses bypass the affected receiving cells and stimulate the remaining healthy retinal cells, and the signals are transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve, enabling the patient to finally see. Of course, the patient needs a period to learn to interpret the type of vision that is seen through him.

I blame the modern science - desperately - for his purely physical outlook, the cost of the process by which the sensitive future is implanted in the eye, and the patient's rehabilitation so that he knows how to deal with the device is $ 200,000! A great deal, and not everyone can do it this way.

This wonderful method of treatment is one of the types of technology that increased the human senses, and we will not be exaggerated if we say that the technology will be the human eye, ear, mouth, which is pronounced, and all of his senses, and such has already happened.

Automatic hands appeared that give you a sense of touch, as some people can see the colors by hearing Neil Harbisson, and gene therapy helps increase the effectiveness of the cochlea (auditory methods) in the deaf.

Based on this, “a person with robotic organs” will not be a distant dream in the future. The power of knowledge is tremendous, and its path is full of hard-working people who love serving humanity, but at a slightly exorbitant price.

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