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RE: Mineral Mondays #68 - Gem O Rama The End Of An Era

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You want to downvote? Ok cool.

@offgridlife here's another Russian troll throwing votes.

Yeah baby. You want to throw down. Let's do it.

I'm down. Let's brawl.


WTF are you talking about? I removed a vote from your post, that was proxied by @Informationwar, not downvote.

Calling me a Russian troll because I don't support your posts? Calling other people to downvote me because I didn't support your post? This is exactly why I unfollowed you. You've got some issues dude.


That's not removing a vote.

And fine you want to sit there and throw votes I'll just put you on auto down vote.

You want to unfollow me find kick rocks I'll do the same.

So what are you talking about. You want to get some let's do it.

Calling me a liar now? screen_shot_2022_04_19_at_6.10.55_pm.png

Seriously, you have issues dude. Seek help.

You might want to take your own advice however you're allowed to test your assumptions at your earliest convenience.

By all means let me know and I'll schedule you in. Currently everybody that knows me knows that that's probably the biggest mistake in the world so there is no line and you can wander right up to the front.....

So yeah what were you saying?

Show the blockchain data where I downvoted you.

Suck my ass I already showed you what I had to.

You want to apologize and back up off this attitude... I might decide to let you wander off and not pursue this.

Keep running your mouth by all means... I'll start swinging back. Like I said I absolutely can automate things so that all of my accounts down vote you on everything that you do.

Let me know...

You wanted a problem you got one. You want to fight with somebody...

I'm your huckleberry.

You showed me some mobile app screen shot. I showed you actual HIVE blockchain data. You continue to threaten me and call me names. Again, exactly why I unfollowed you and removed my vote.

You keep running your mouth.... Absolutely you offend people? They might get upset at you.

You might want to start being a lot more careful with your dealings with other people especially people who really are crazy.

By the way if you missed my point I'm the same person who was able to use an edged weapon against 10 people and not go to prison... Am I crazy absolutely everybody here knows I'm crazy and homeless and my entire life story.

You want to start a conflict... You're pretty good at it. Watch what you say. Actual repercussions of your words can be immense.

And threaten you of course I can totally threaten to put you on downvote. You called me a liar and you decided to start this entire thing and be disrespectful...

On top of being extremely rude and telling me to go get mental help when obviously I do have huge mental problems is extremely offensive and really pitiful that you would run your mouth and go there.

Honestly enough why don't you go do that too some real crazy person in real life and see how that works out for you....

Because it's obviously blowing up in your face right now.

And by the way you calling into question the known fact of my mental status?

Highly offensive.

I'm absolutely crazy. I had 10 men try to rob me and I had edged weapons and scored a body part and 7-8 DNA samples.

So am i crazy? Yep. So crazy the mental health people back away slowly.

Since you didn't read anything I've written on the subject....

So yeah you want to brawl this out let's do it. I'm down it being blockchain only and flags. I can fight back and I ain't easy meat.

You gonna bully abuse and be offensive? Yes I've got a problem with that.

So now. You can start being respectful and negotiate your way out of this.... Or... I can go well.... I'm only half native American, so I can only go half savage on you.

Start being respectful of others and less offensive. That's some.bullshit. I'll leave my flags stand. And by all.means we can further discuss this at your earliest convenience.

Yep. Liar.

Here you are.

By all means continue running your mouth. I'll be happy to throw flags and like I said I can always put you on auto downvote.

I can also add to it my 14 Plus accounts....

So do you really want to fight about this?

Or do you just want to go kick rocks and lip off to somebody else?


I just posted a screenshot of Hiveblocks which shows the actual data. Again, you've got problems dude.

Yeah absolutely you did something and then you turn around and run your mouth.

Absolutely I've got problems I've got problems with you.

So what are we going to do about it you want to continue throwing flags by all means I've got an entire box of them.

Let me know I'm standing by.

I just showed you the blockchain data after you called me a liar. Then you continue to threaten me. WTF is wrong with you dude? Seriously, seek mental help.

Go read my last post and that'll show you the reason why mental health has already been explored.

There's a couple more down votes and thanks for putting yourself on my radar.

Yep. Do you want to keep going?

What?? @rt395 is a longtime friend of mine @ganjafarmer

Pretty interesting that this individual would be so offensive...

Since he wanted to start it... He can manage the fallout.