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So often anymore I find myself really wishing there were buttons on devices that allowed us to do more and that everything wasn't governed by apps. The wifi spot that I have on the antenna mast stopped working at some point in my install. I only noticed because I went to look at my Coolbot in the cooler and it wasn't online. It took a bit before I got up on the roof and dropped the mast to replug the unit in then checked all the wiring, restarted the POE, and nothing. Then after dinking around with the wire at the back of the router It popped on. I think I need to re-terminate the ends for a better signal. I need a crimper for the rj45 plugs though.


While J was out of the house for a while I had the opportunity to wrap his birthday presents. The top 2 are normal wrapping but the bottom box was where I had fun. It is so many boxes nested within each other that I lost count. There are at least 7 boxes in there and he is going to be working for a while to get it opened. It is a set of books though that he really wants so it will be fun watching him tear into it.

There was duct tape involved....


Since I am the person in the house with organizational skills I end up having to sort the boys' rooms every couple of months after the piles have gotten too deep to wade through. There is something about kids emptying out a bin onto the floor and then taking the next one and doing the same that seems to lead to what appears to have been a toy tidal wave washing through the room.

It took me most of the afternoon to get the room to a point where we could actually walk through it.

We have plans now on how to address this for the future and it is based on their desire to play on their tablets. Time to earn their screen time.

This is just R's room, J's is nearly as bad but his is mostly books that aren't in the cabinets or on shelves.


The evening was spent getting my 2700 words through sprints on Discord. I'm now at over 36,000 words for NaNoWriMo and 69,000 into the story. It started to flow pretty well yesterday and the scene ended up defining a bit more of where the story is going for me. It is pretty far from what I started with as an idea and is not quite as fragmented now. The through line of the story is finally coming out.

Today is J's 7th birthday so @stryeyz will be off work early and then they will bake his cake this afternoon and I will get a fire in the pit for today since he is a major fan of camp fires.

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Boy does your kid's rooms bring back memories. Having three boys, all born within 4 years of each other, going into their rooms, you had to make sure you didn't break an ankle trying to maneuver around the room.
It's funny how things change, now that they are older they are all a bunch of neat nicks, go figure.

It got to having to shuffle our feet through his room so as not to step on some sharp lego or toy. I hope they get the spark of tidiness lit within them!

It was not until our children got out on their own before becoming organized. I guess since we weren't around they had to clean up after themselves.😁

I love nesting boxes like that, so it takes more effort to get to the gift. I'm sure he'll have fun with it. I am always amazed by the level of clutter kids are comfortable with. It's as if they don't even notice it.

He had to give a solid effort to get into it. 6 boxes, so I was right in having lost count.

I grew up in a family of pack rats. I learned to about 2 or 3 times a year open my sliding glass door and pile the contents of my room onto a tarp outside. I would then organize it all back into boxes and the such. It would get destroyed and I would then do it again. THAT is what I hope to get these two to attempt in even a tentative manner. So far my hopes have been publicly squashed.

Good luck!!

I started when my son was little and we had pick up time just before bed. he never played in his room much, as most of the toys were in an area we set aside for him in the living room.