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Only another inch of snow was on the deck in the morning and we have a little over 9 inches on the farm. A far cry from the 2+ feet just 25 miles to the East of us. The mountains seem to do a good job of funneling it around us.


Mid morning we all left the farm for a bit. @stryeyz and the boys went to Spokane and I went North to Deer Park to the Ace Hardware. It is mid winter so most places have put all their soil up for the season but they showed they had some in stock online so I went to buy some. I got the seed starting mix in the store and a few other things. When I went to the counter they almost weren't going to sell me the big bags as they thought it was all put up but as I was driving by on the highway I could see the bags on the pallets covered in snow along the fence. I convinced them that it was out there and soon I had two frozen blocks of soil in the bed of the truck.

Once home I laid down a piece of plastic in the house and set both frozen bags on top to thaw in the warmth of the house. Tomorrow I get my grow tent so I want to try and be ready to get setup if possible right away. That will mean pulling the freezer out which I am not looking forward to.



R came out with us for the mid day soak and played a game of Uno where he and I ended up going through the entire deck before he finally beat me.

It was partly cloudy most of the day and every so often a little bit of frozen moisture would fall from the sky. Most of the day the weather was just to the North of us or to the South of Spokane, missing us entirely. So much for the 1 to 3 inches of snow we were to get yesterday.


Our evening was watching the rest of the Doctor Who Christmas specials and NOT turkey for dinner.


I realized later in the day that the ISS had been sending out the slow scan tv signal since the morning and I managed to catch one of the signals using I was able to get a garbled signal which gave me this image. I use MMSSTV to decode the sounds to images and follow the ISS on this tracking site.


Then this morning I was able to catch this one as the ISS went over New York state. I am pretty stoked to catch a rather clear image, number 12 of 12. I just need to get the other 11 now and have until the 31st to do so. Once you decode the images you can submit them to ARISS SSTV Award to get a certificate.


Today I will be working to get more of the 12 images set from the ISS, we are going to take the Christmas tree down to make room to empty our bedroom out to try and get the laminate flooring installed. I need to get the freezer out of the basement, and at noon the Man Utd match comes on.

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Thanks for sharing I love farming too. Hope the soil is not costly

It's not too bad, only $12/bag for some pretty good quality soil. It can be rather important to get soil that isn't using human waste products as some of teh cheaper bagged soils do.


Hope you manage the freezer...