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RE: What is Social Network 3.0 & How can HIVE Lead the Transformation

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What a deep and interesting analysis... I think algorithms is a powerful idea for the HIVE community, as well as perhaps some encouragement to make content of lasting value. For example, if a user could start arranging posts into theme-based compilations, that would make it easier for others to find the kind of stuff that they are looking for.


Encouraging the user to make content lasting value, I totally agree with that. How that is I think still the question. Could be as per suggestion. Could be to all voting after a 7 day period. Could be to promote quality content to the top of content/topic lists which are shown instead of the hot and trending channels. Could be promoting top lists based on older content/posts. Could be by integrating channels for professional content. All the channels I talk about are channels that are prominent in the user's primary view, could be done in a dynamic way, eg hot topics are prioritised (I don't mean the tags, but based on the real content of the post, maybe determined by AI). Could be by including a content search engine into eg user interface. But could also be a combination of everything. I think we should start experimenting.

Yup, content searching right now is a bit rough on all HIVE frontends. Making it easier to find useful content will make HIVE an invaluable tool for researchers and those who seek a profound experience on the web. Hope your ideas get taken into account by those who can make them a reality.

Thanks :)

On content search: It's so simple, we have hivesearcher that is 1) free of charge and 2) has an API. Any UI team can implement this feature in a few links of code. It's beyond me only Ecency integrated this tool (both the same developers helps :)).

Hmmm, doesn't work that well... for example I use the permaculture tag in quite a few posts, but when I look for permaculture on hivesearcher or Ecency I only get some posts from 3+ years back in time, even in the "recent" tab. So I'm still a bit disappointed in that regard.

I never searched using tags. I usually search based on content keywords, as well as the author command. Not sure if I find everything, but it certainly finds my own posts I'm looking for.

EDIT: I have the feeling hivesearcher is too specific with words and spelling.

It seems to only find things from 3+ years, I looked up your user name and same thing happens.

Owww, just checked myself. Indeed, only 3yrs and older. This must be a glitch, temporary of nature. Not for too many days, I search a few articles, without a problem. It included very recent ones. At the Leo Finance UI, I see a message stating something about the status of content nodes; These don't seem to be 100% in sync at the moment. At Leo Finance I had to switch nodes to see the body content of my post above. Maybe the hivesearcher guys are pointing to a not sync node?

Must be that, I’ll check again in a few days.

BTW, I would love to see The Syllabus to make use of the HIVE chain. The Syllabus requires a subscription that I didn't get myself, yet. I plan to reach out to the team. I'll start with the creator of this service. Hopefully, we can come up with an interesting use case for the team.

That would be awesome, wish you luck on the endeavor 🙌🏼

Thanks :)