Windows 10, Windows 7 and Linux - Back and forth

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Do you want to try Linux?

All you have to do is make sure you ask someone if Linux will easily support all of the apps you are used to on Windows. If the answer is yes and you're not looking to expand your selection of whatever it is you do, then you can safely try. I.e: Microsoft Office runs flawlessly. X, Y and Z games probably do too. But make sure you ask someone experienced enough.

I've tried to stick to Linux but since I'm a one-of-a-kind very versatile user who likes to run very, very specific apps, it couldn't hold its ground. It's almost there now, though. But it is certainly safer! You shall not fear viruses ever again! This is the main reason I want Linux, since I've started working with easily withdrawn digital money (thanks to crypto and HIVE).

But here's the weird part: Linux is as good as Windows 10 for me. I'm about to try installing Windows 7 again, which was perfect. The only reason I ended up trying W10 was because Parsec didn't do what I wanted in Windows 7. But W7 handled everything else a lot better than W10.

Because Microsoft has grown so shitty, I'm actually considering installing all 3 of them in the same machine. I shouldn't have to disable 20 or so services (specially made to track everything I do then send it to Microsoft) to free up processing power and RAM. I want Ubuntu for work, W10 for Parsec and a couple of games, W7 for everything else.

Linux, easy peasy

The most important thing I have to tell you if you're eager to try Linux but you're too afraid: you can use a Linux system without installing, without risks! You can create a bootable Linux installer on a USB stick using the app Rufus and your Linux distribution of choice. (I suggest Ubuntu Just burn it on your pendrive.

When you restart and boot through it, choose Try Ubuntu instead of Install Ubuntu. You will enter the OS. You can even modify it as long as you don't exceed your pendrive's storage size. Just remember some things work very differently than on Windows.