I subscribed to curiositystream.com, here's my review

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Curiositystream.com review

Is it cool and geeky? No, it's a lot more than that. A lot nerdier that is. For a service advertising itself as a cool place to watch entertaining scientific videos, it should contain more material just for the enthusiastic about them.

Do you want to know all about space shuttle programs? Not an overview, but a ton of details about specific operations? Then Curiosity Stream has got you covered.

Subscribing will also suit you very well if you're into math theory, world war documentaries, nature, ancient history or dinosaurs. You'll be in the know of some very surprising recent discoveries too. Did you know New Zealand is on the world's 8th continent? I do now.


What's important is, if you are into any one of these subjects, you'll adore the niche videos not available anywhere else. Everything else will be dull to you, but it will still be worth subscribing.

While I might not stay for more than a month, I'm enjoying the ancient history section. Nature as well. The space category kind of disappointed me because it seems too technical for my taste, but I don't regret signing up.

Check out Curiosity Stream! If you want to take it for a spin, please use my referral code on that link. It's only around 3 dollars!


This one, along with Skill Share, often come up as sponsors for YouTube channels I watch... It seems that I could enjoy Curiosity Stream, but subscribing to it isn't a priority for me.

Thanks for this small review, now I have a better idea on what subscribing to it would feel like.


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