Finally I can get a realme book laptop

in GEMS2 years ago

Realme has just released a laptop called the realme book. Brands from realme usually release smartphone products and this time they have started to launch laptops. The first laptop from realme also has very good specs.

Now that I have a laptop from realme, my first impression when I saw this laptop immediately seemed like a premium laptop. The color of the laptop I bought is real gray. Realme also offers their laptop processors with (11th gen intel core iris x graphics) with core i3 and core i5.

This laptop also has a thin body with high quality aluminum material. Realme book is also very light because it has a thin body and also you will not be disappointed with the specs provided by the realme book.





The speakers from this laptop are also very clear, realme uses Harman audio speakers and 2 speakers. For the screen from the realme book, it uses a 2k ultra HD screen. With a 2k screen, our eyes will definitely be more comfortable using realme books in the long run.

For storage, it uses a 512GB SSD and supports dual-channel 8GB with LPDDR4X. The cooling in the realme book uses 2 coolers so it will make the performance of this laptop more stable and will not heat up. Actually, there are many more advantages of this realme book, maybe that's just my explanation about the laptop output from the realme book.