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RE: [ESP/ENG][#GEMS Exclusive] Repairing a cracked LCD Screen: BLU Life XL L050L // Reparando una pantalla LCD rota: BLU Life XL L050L ~ by @alejandrop

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This was a very nice approach

I remember having my phone screen damaged by accidentally dropping it on the floor. I was so angry, I did not know what to do. But once I had the money for the repair, I watched the engineer go through the details the way you just mentioned

He was especially careful with flexors as you said, and once he found out everything was in place appropriately, he went on to couple the rest of the phone.

There my phone was back, and it looked all brand new. I was pleased and very happy at the same time

I am sure mum was happy to get her phone in good working condition after one year. Well done. You did a great job. I am proud of you

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I hope your daughter will enjoy watching her Lola Cow

Well done, sir