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RE: What is Social Network 3.0 & How can HIVE Lead the Transformation

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I confess that I had no idea that you were so involved in the Hive community (and project). Respect Sir!!

It took me at least a few months before I got myself an account with our blue branded community back in end of 2016. For a reason, since I didn't believe in reward based social networks like we have here at HIVE; Not when its open to anybody to use and abuse, while no culture, services and tools are created to drive the value in a needed direction. But eventually I got myself an account to try and test what this was all about. Always interested in technology and how this can (and shall) be applied, this whole HIVE thingy pulled me in deeply.

Am a dreamer and idealist whilst also very pragmatic and opportunity driven. 4 years down the road, I still believe we have something of potential value here at HIVE. I say potential: We need to shift things, maybe shift a lot! I still have hopes our devs and witnesses agree, but sometimes I doubt it... Though, I cannot let loose just yet. A few people I will miss when I step away from HIVE 😉 Therefore the only solution for me is: To try all my best to drive the changes that we need to transform the HIVE chain into a chain that everybody in crypto universe will rank high on the scale of top chains.

surprisingly I understood all the Dutch subtitles

Super: 1) You watched the video clip and 2) You'll be able to follow the top 2000 radio jockey 🙂

how did you develop a taste for such piffle music?

You refer to the qsounds library? I guess the story itself ranks high on the piffle scale 🤪


I just did slot #92 .... now that is really piffle music . I still have a bad taste in my ears... trying to wash it out with some Andrew LLoyd Weber.

Hahahahaha, I never claimed the top 2000 is full of great music! Personally, I only heard 2 songs out of all 2000, when zapping the TV... both I hated hahahaha