TECHNOLOGY at the service of administrative processes.

in GEMS6 months ago
As time has gone by and technology has evolved in an extraordinary way all over the world, man has the need to work with computers and web pages that provide him with useful tools to facilitate the management of any information and communication that may arise.

For this reason, the need to provide possible solutions through computers, which perform the work with greater speed and transform the world quickly and irreversibly, since the development of the computer has caused changes in the world, achieving a place in almost every corner of modern society..

Therefore, technological achievements encourage other changes of greater evolution, as is the case of the Internet, which is a network of computer networks, allowing the sharing of computer resources such as hardware and software to facilitate their management, and also does not require that all networks are directly connected to each other.

Although it is true, this reality does not escape from the administrative, accounting and financial sciences, which currently have been influenced and benefited with the different technological advances that allow optimizing processes in general.

In this sense, human activities and the relationships that arise from them are centered on the so-called information and knowledge revolution based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The new innovation of ICTs greatly favors the flow of information and, of course, improves the possibilities of human communication and, consequently, social development. It is also important to highlight that processes can be safely stored for many years and can be reviewed and verified at any time very quickly.