The world invention; The history and the case of the prison called for Alcatraz!

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I guess that three prisoners survived the escape from Alcatraz, and it was good planned, and maybe they are living today, and maybe they are not, because we cannot live as humans to all times, but there is an ending with living and working and operating in a body, and that is true with anyone of us regardless of what we have ever done in our lives, and where we are operating from time to time. And we are all coming from the same and the different nations, and we have grown up in the same and in the different places, and we are pleased to be of every conceivable ages when acting in life, and we can dream ourselves back to whatever age that we want for ourselves.

We find the prison called for Alcatraz on an island just outside San Francisco in the bay there, and the people being caught to be there were dangerous, and there was a political decision and political government in the political institutions to have that kind of prison on the island where I mentioned above and yet. So, the people being placed in this prison, where dangerous, and many of them had done serious actions as killing, violence and criminality, and just the worse people you can think of in a population were placed there, and the name Alcatraz means that there are pelicans around the island, and they are there even today, and the prison has closed today, and we can have sightseeing and seeing what we like anywhere to any time.

It was from 1934 that the prison Alcatraz served as the most important and the serious jail from dangerous prisoners, and it was running there on the island to 1963, and Robert Kennedy when said on the TV-stations that they had decided to close that prison. And the prison closed on 21 March in 1963, and we all know that none of us have ever wanted to be there, and we are just friends of the earth, and many of us are properly people and we are doing legally actions.

And you know, there has been several escapes from Alcatraz all the time that the prison was there, and there are probably some prisoner, three guys, that survived the escape, and the written materials together with pictures are used in many schools around the planet, to tell the pupils about how life is in prison, and to show them how it is difficult to escape from something when you have done some serious and illegal actions. And you know, the reasons why these three guys survived the escape are several. One and the most important, is that they have not found any of the bodies to the guy in the sea around Alcatraz and San Francisco. And the second is that they did not find any kinds of blood in the sea coming from instance from a shark, and you know, we think that they survived and that the coast guard picked them up from their boat, and that they just threw pictures and clothes in the sea, in such manners that anybody – also the police – should think and imagine that they had died when doing the escape, but the reality is probably telling us that several people have found these guys today, and in addition several people have got telephone calls from them, and this shows us that these prisoners were the only prisoners in the history of the prison Alcatraz to survive in the tough and challenging sea around the island where the prison to Alcatraz was, and nowadays it is a museum there, and there have been many smart and intelligent persons working with that prison, and they have had close relations to the power elite in the White House in Washington D.C. And D.C. is the abbreviation for District of Columbia, and maybe we got this name due to the inventions of Christopher Columbus.

During the presence of the prison Alcatraz, there were 36 escape attempts, and 15 persons of the persons that escaped were killed. But there are probably three persons that survived the escape, and this has even been a film called from «Escape from Alcatraz». And you know, these persons that probably survived, they planned the action very carefully, and they were thinking about many things, and while doing the escape they placed dolls where they used to sleep, and they escaped through a ventilation shaft in the building, and they had made a boat to have in the sea outside the island, when coming there during the escape in June 1962, and these prisoners were lucky and clever, and their names are: The brothers Clarence Anglin and John Anglin and in addition to these two, there was a third guy there and his name was Frank Morris. And we are not sure whether these three persons are living today, but maybe they are old and alive, and perhaps one or two or all three are died nowadays, but they probably survived and therefore they have deserved to be free after that action!

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