On using the brain to make strategic changes, and getting enough commitment and engagement in the organization about which ways to go and to move, and we should have enough energy to meet objections in the organizations of any kinds!

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You know, the changes are going on in the organizations to make it better, and you know there is the point of getting the right people in the right bus, but also knowing where this bus is going, and what to do when the bus has reached the target markets where we are trying to make sales, marketing efforts and market shares about how to make influences from the organization that we are working within in the markets, and as sellers we should like people and being engaged with getting as many sales as possible when working, and there are always dreams and fantasy to follow, and many people hate that too many changes are happening in the organization at too short times.

And in the organization we should follow the leaders, and any of us should accept and respect the changes, or we should do what we are used to in the life, and hence we should be united and loyal until the mountains of Dovre crumble. And hence, the more we know, the more responsibility we have for the organization, the employees, the employers and the stakeholders, and we should work as good as we can with the persons being involved in the organization where we are, and we should make many and much sales, and we should be positive and inclusive to all the market campaigns that we are facing, also with treating all cartel formations and organizations that change. And what is really the cartels? They are associations of manufacturers and/or suppliers of products, and these cartels are there to make high prices and restricted competition in the market that we are facing from time to time, and sometimes a cartel is used for a coalition between different political parties trying to obtain governance and power in a country where we are operating, living and working. And the better we can make the life for many people, the better perception of quality of life is in many people's minds and eyes and ears.

So, the changes they are just some stimuli making new things in the organization, and these new moves can be desired or they can be unwanted, and we can use focus group and other ways of organizing the life, to make more involvement for the changes in the organization, and maybe we are needing changes sometimes, and at other times we want the situations to be stable, and the more we know the less we know for sure, and we cannot always see all the processes and all the outcomes that is happening when doing something new in an organization, and you know MIT in the United States has done research on these issues that are present when doing changes and strategic changes, and there should be a process, and we should be engaged of which directions we are taking, and which goals we are trying to meet and to make satisfaction of.

So, changes in the organizations can be wrong or right, and sometimes they are welcome and pleasant for the mood and for the brain activity that the members of the organization are framing, seeing and working with from time to time. And sometimes the changes are strategic, meaning to reach a general and perhaps a specific goal, and we should know what we are doing and why, and several consultants are engaged with these things of doing, and maybe there will be opposition and protests in the organization, and one should listen to what is said, and do things in accordance with getting good and warm and inclusive environments of people in the organization in question, and new things and new processes are not always welcome, but we need them if we should work in better and in more clever ways, and if there are better ways to obtain much sales revenues and market shares in the markets, and everything is about doing sales, and making as much activity as we want everywhere, and this is the perception of being a human both to perceive things, and to be perceived of anybody else, and that is the life as it is among the masses of humans, and we can use the intelligence and the systems for humans to understand what is going on when being at the work, and there should always be enough competence to do reflected actions and decisions, and the climate should be warm instead of cold, and there should be enough understanding and finding the ways in the present and in the future, and many people have been nearby us and around us to many times, and changes are something we are doing to form the organizations in better ways of operating, and maybe the changes are convenient or inconvenient for the employer and/or the employees. And the changes are coming because the markets are changing, and we are using the new stimuli to integrate and evaluate the new information in the organization, and the market orientation is about doing something new actions with the new information and the new challenges we are facing and meeting.

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Change is one thing that is constant in life but people fear change the most. Not many people welcome change in a society but to really become more productive and strategic change is needed in every organization.