On finding restrictions in the brain when we are children, and finding just pleasure and freedom when we are adult people and old people!

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You know, we should trust the leaders we are facing in all the movements and the situations that are present for them, and I can be the captain for my sellers, and I have myself the pressure and the eyes and ears on me, and we should always get good results that we can show internal and external where we are, and you know we should live and work with being a star the whole career while we are here on the blue planet, and maybe it is possible for humans to live other places in world space, and we should put much research efforts in world space, as earlier US President John F. Kennedy told us.

You know, we cannot do all things in all degrees where it is possible when being children, because we need stability, harmony, predictability and borders about what is sensible to do when being children, and this has something to do with our thinking behavior and feeling behavior where we are present from time to time and from place to place. So, as children we cannot destroy things, we cannot do all kinds of behavior, and we cannot do stupid behavior, and you know we never know when life is over, and hence we should live and work as good as we can when we are placed and together with serious and funny things when being here. So, motivation, social affairs and the results in schools at different levels are something we are facing, but today we should go at the best schools as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Oxford or Cambridge. And you know, we admit that the schools in Norway are not the best on the planet in all kinds of behavior, thinking and feeling, but that we need strong teachers, and we should need people and teachers who are speaking to us because the teaching, during the teaching and after the teaching, and we should love all the people we are meeting to any time, and the best thing is to be best in schools, and these results should be shown at every level that we are facing. To be the BEST, that is what we think is the main issue of all kinds of activities that we can do anywhere at any time with the people we find there.

You know, there are restrictions in the brain activities at different ages, and we are doing different things in the schools from every class that we are within from time to time, and the content and the structure can be the same as before, and it can also be changed, but the schools we are facing are primary schools, upper secondary schools, colleges, business schools and universities, and we should find the pleasure in making the best results in the schools that have ever been tried and focused too much on before, but we are finding the performances and the acting in which kinds of humans we are being, and there are something we can try and something we cannot do, and we are told these lessons when growing up. And the borders in our brains and in our minds are something we are creating ourselves from the persons that have said it and/or written it, and people within different roles must take the responsibility for what they are doing and not doing. And we need enough things to learn in the schools, and there should be thoughts, feelings, acting and freedom in many ways, and perhaps we need some better reforms in the schools that we have got before, and the schools are for everyone with the capacities and the abilities that the pupils and the students have, and I can do the research in every conceivable condition and position in life, and some conditions are better than any other, for instance being sober and conscious when publishing, and not all people can do all things that what we are doing, but I told the research environments in Bergen that we should at least learn research when being there, and otherwise I told them there are millions of things that can be done ever in the reality, and in the structures where we find persons with power and not with power, and we can think and tell ourselves, and therefore we should make the choices we want inside the newspapers and the journals when we are writing and saying things, and the more associations we can make in the same and in the different situations, the more thinking efforts we are having in our heads. And we cannot claim anyone for being stupid, unless the majority of people have declared this person for being that. And you know, cognitions and emotions at all levels for all people in different societies with the same and the different color on the skin, that are the places we are meeting people when meeting them in business life, in the different public organizations, and with doing the things we are doing from place to place. And people can be strange with their behavior, and we should always ask why people are as they are, and we should be positive all ways in life, and we should try to smile with the facts that we are here. And when we are adult persons and old people, we have none restrictions and completely freedom in our heads, and hence we cannot be told by any Editorial Board by what to do and how, since we know best ourselves what we have learned and experienced anywhere, and research communities cannot define the content and the structure of messages and books and articles about different kinds, but they are giving us information, and they are telling us what had happened, and what lessons should be done even better and stronger in the future, and how different kinds of things, buildings and people should be understood.

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