On discovering the carnivorous plants: The abnormal plants!

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Plants are usually as flowers, and they normally live of water and nutrients in the soil. But some of the plants, especially in the USA, are eating meat. And they are not attacking humans, but they are doing some damage in nature.

Nature and human nature is about all the things and living creatures at earth that we have perceived in nature, and that we are still perceiving in present and in the future. Normally, a plant is growing up, and it gives pleasure and spirit and love and motivation for several people. And some people are liking the colors that the plants have, and how the plants are being when they have been in the soil for a time, even a long time!

We find this type of plant in the USA, and also in other parts of the world for instance in Asia. But most of them are in the USA and in South America. In the USA, we have discovered that plants are eating meat, and these plants live partly on small animals and mainly insects. Hence, they can do duties and tasks and utility for humans, since humans typically appreciate pleasure and hate pain! With a carnivorous plant at home, you get a tough detail that is nice to see, and that besides other things help you to get rid of flies! And that is in the comfort zone for many people, since they love to live the life as happy as they can. But as we know, life is also pain and dark sides, and the end of life is a tragic event for all of us. No person has survived the life, and in the long run, we are all dead!

Are carnivorous plants really eating insects? Yes, they do! The Venus fly trap is even named after the favorite dish, and that is flies. The leaves look like large gaps with fangs, and they are created in nature to know and to recognize it when an insect with the same size as a fly is landing on the leaf. Hence, we experience with the nature that living things find a way to live the life as it is. Carnivorous plants can eat rats and mice! And some researchers today are trying to examine whether this type of plant can eat other things, and if there are some restrictions on what is possible. Researchers today are meaning that the world’s largest carnivorous plant in the reality is not just designed to catch and to digest small animals. Actually, this plant prefers a mouthful of stools.

Some researchers in Japan by the National Institute for Basic Biology have revealed how the carnivorous plants manage to both remember and to count. This is due to the fact that the sensory hairs get cells in the leaves to stand out calcium, and it is first when the level passes a certain threshold that the trap collapses.

So, we find trends of human behavior in the plants, but they do not have a brain in such ways that they can think as the human body, and this body is equipped with head that can understand and think in logically ways, and sometimes there is no logic in what is being said and in what is written.

The world’s largest carnivorous plant called for Nepenthes attenboroughii named after Sir David Attenborough is growing in the mountain areas in the Philippines. There are some carnivorous plant also here in Norway, sundew, but the menu is just consisting of small insects, so this plant does not make any disturbances for our little rodents.

The carnivorous plants are funny for both the children and the adult people. They are not so dangerous that you can think as a human, because they have neither sharp teeth or big jaws. In fact, they are quite peaceful.

The carnivorous plants lure food using nectar with a sweet honey smell, and with leaves that can be closed at the slightest touch.

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